yesterday when G picked me up from school someone backed into us and messed up the bumper and the blinker.
we didnt think it was a big deal.

today i woke up feeling sick.
so i skipped work.
and later on we went to the sand dunes.
but before this happened:

this happened:

we got stuck.
i swear the sand was like quick sand.
luckily a nice old farmer man drove by right after i said, "ugh, should i call the tow truck?"
he hooked us up to his truck and pulled us out.
he was real nice.

On the way home we went to get an estimate on the car so we can get that fixed ASAP.
the first place said it was going to be $1,100.
the second place said $400.
Sal and I got to sit in the car and wait.

but when we were leaving the second place, the blinker stopped working completely.
and the speedometer.
and everything else in that general area of the car.
We have travel plans this weekend and need to get the car in and out by saturday...
I am getting all of my AmeriCoprs things figured out.
Trying to find a house.
Finishing up these last three weeks of work and school(!!!)
Packing up/selling what ever we can
figuring out the move
and the trip to California.
here is to trying not to stress!
at least i have these guys that I sure do love.