(this is not my actual alarm. though i will gladly accept an iphone)

I dont even know how many times i snoozed and reset my alarm this morning.
what i do know is that i was supposed to be up at 6 
and had class at 7:45 
but some how didnt get out of bed until 8:10... 

BUT look at this screen shot:

summer is here in rexburg!
the speed bumps by the park are out
and the splash park has been turned on.
welcome summer.
i love you.

and while i am posting so many screen shots here is one more:

 Midas Whale had a telethon last night to get as many pledges for their kickstarter before it ends today.
they live streamed a party from 7-10 
it was so much fun!
we started off watching it at home before G went to work.
I then watched it from the hair salon.
and then i eventually made it to the actual event.
there were songs played,
peppers eaten,
and just an over all good time.