a couple of nights ago a few of us went over to a dear friend, Sharon Morgan's house.
she is such an amazing women.
so kind and free.
she lives right on the river and has a beautiful home and yard.
we roasted hot dogs and mallows, talked for hours, watched Sal play with her dog Patch,
and Garrett played music. (Sharon is a HUGE Garrett fan.huge.)
her place is so peaceful, time passed by so fast it was midnight before we knew it.
it was just the kind of night i needed.
sharon once wrote a book back in the 80's
i have asked her on a few occasions if i could read it and she would always say no, 
or give me an excuses or say she doesn't let any one read it.
but this time, when we were about to leave she ran up stairs and grabbed it for me.
I started reading it as soon as we got home and couldn't put it down.
it is about her being born a member of the Church, getting lost in the 60's to drugs and the idea of finding something bigger, and then finding her way back to the Church.
the book is full of searching, truth, and her testimony of the Church. 
it is beautiful.
and i will even admit that i read it though 3 of my classes today and cried twice.
right there in the middle of class.
she most likely will not want me to recommend this book to any one.
but i do.
it was refreshing.