I swear i thought it was friday all day.
if only right?
sal is doing this thing where what ever chance he gets he runs for it.
i dont know where he is going, but i HATE it.
He has done it a few times in front of our house dodging cars and stopping traffic.
today he did it in the Broulims parking lot at 6:00pm.
and if you have ever been in the Broulims parking lot at this time, then you know how crazy busy it is.
i was so mad/scared for his life.

today when G picked me up from work we saw a J-walking cop (yes, Rexburg has a J-walking cops in a smart car) siren at a girl and she ran. SHE RAN! it was sooooo funny.
every time i think about it, i start laughing again.

For some reason that Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla in it at Maverick has been tasting sooo good lately.

And in case you were wondering, yes, i do still constatnly think about living in an RV.
I just try not to talk about it because it makes me "trunky"