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i took the photo above on our way home from rexburg this past weekend.
though it seems to encompass the open road, summer, and freedom in the photo,
moments before i took this photo we had car problems.
nothing major, but something that definitely would have cost a chunk of change.
we probably could have gotten another 100,000 miles out of our loyal rav 4.
but we didnt want to risk it or put any money into the car.
so we found our selves at a car dealership buying a car.

another deception, 
the car is silver with an almost blue metallic color where all of those dark parts are.
this is our dream car.
and perfect for us.
and can we talk about all of the space it has?
road trip any one?!

*side note- i taught my first yoga class for kids and it was one of the funnest things i have done for work.
if you EVER get a chance to do yoga with kids you should do it. they are hilarious.
or if you have kids you should do it with them. i almost wish their parents would come and do it with us.

yogi kids

starting this week i will be teaching 3 yoga classes a week at school to kids ages 2-4
at first i did not want to do it.
when they first asked me i said no way.
i thought it sounded so terrible.

i have since come around.
after thinking about how much yoga benefits me
and how much more it can benefit the kids
i decided to accept the offer.
a few things i intend to teach the kids in these classes are:
how to breath better and use breathing to relax
(i get made fun of by the other teachers at school because i taught my kids about yoga breaths and tell them to practice yoga breaths when they are upset or crying. but what ever because it works!)
how to use our energy more effectively
how to quiet the mind
to be the boss of your body
how the body works
and how to take care of your body
and lots of other things.
i am honestly excited for this now.


this weekend has been another one spent in idaho.
garrett had production things to do for deep love.
we were planning on being there saturday, but other than that we didnt have plans.
garrett ended up singing with the soul band on friday.
saturday we had breakfast with friends.
garrett went to his meeting,
sal and i went to the nature park, chased ducks, and went on a long walk.
latter mal and i met up, went searching for some vintage finds, and worked on the shop.
i tend to get asked a lot if i miss idaho.
my answer: yes.
do i want to live there again?
idaho is so beautiful in the summer, but i couldnt do their winters again.
the thing i missed the most about idaho is all of our great friends.
it sure is a great place to visit though, especially because we always get to stay right on the snake river.

estate sale season.

estate sale season is in full swing.
and has already been so good to me.
we scored this lamp on saturday for $3.
it is tall, and awkward and took us a good 30 minutes to find a spot for it.
while in this process we realized that, with the exception of a bookshelf and some art,
everything in our living room is from an estate sale or thrift store.
and i love every single thing.

so sorry sal

we are bad pet owners.
i know.

sal has had beautiful long curly hair his whole one year of life.
when winter hit and the snow fell upon us
sals hair started to get all matted. 
he would run around in the snow
and then run in the house and rub his face and body all over the carpet.
which would tangle his hair all up.

we let him run around like this for a long time.
but it got to the point of if we didnt cut it, it would have just gotten worse.

so we cut it.
meaning, they shaved him to his skin.
sal now looks pathetic 
and garrett is ashamed to be seen in public walking him.
heres to hoping his hair grows quick.


this is what sunday looks like at our house.
also, sal does this thing when he wants to go on a walk where he tries to put his leash on himself and ends up just wrapping himself up in it.
and i love it.

Rexburg and Poetry

this past weekend we were up in rexburg for the poetry slam.
garrett was the feature poet, so he read some poems, sold lots of books, and i had a great time.
here is one of the poems he did.
you can see the rest on his blog.

while in rexburg i had the chance to finally collaborate with some friends and and work on an etsy shop ive been wanting to open for a long time now.
i took 40+ vintage dresses up to rexburg with me
one of my best friends mallorie foster modeled them
and one of my other best friends olivia schultz photographed them.
we had so much fun and im excieted go get this project up and going.
more on that later though.
while we did our thing, the boys some how ended up in the corner playing cards.
which was perfect.

other highlights from the weekend;
hanging out with my little brother
finally getting my bike back
meeting baby wes for the first time
watching jay and mama roxy play together
oh, and i went red.

25 on the 25th

remember that birthday party i was telling you about?
well the invitation is in the works.
its going to be designed like a music festival flier
and have garrett, sharon, and i on it as our spirit animals.
(or possibly a tree for sharon by her request....)
its going to be pretty sweeet.

our good good friend drew grella is doing the art work and design.
i love his stuff. to the point where we have more of his art work in our home than anyone else's.
you can see some of it here.

he started on the invite this week and sent me a sketch of garrett.
i think it is so great.
and i am so excited to see the rest.

oh dear.

not to be that person, (though i totally am)
to day is sals birthday!
we celebrated with cupcakes (garrett and i)
and sal got a big smoked bone and spent his day sleeping and then at the dog park.
i am so glad he's part of our little family.
also, jay just had to be right next to him the whole time.

march already?

its been awhile.
i know.
here is whats been going on.

garrett finished his new book!!!
you can now buy it here.
we are headed to rexburg this week for him to do a reading at the rexburg poetry slam (which he started)
i know i had no part in the writing of this collection of poetry, but i am so glad it is done.

i got a new job!!!
i am now a preschool teacher at the university.
i teach the professors and doctors kids.
(most of which are crazy smart for three year olds.)
who would have thought, right?
it is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs i have ever had.
most days its me vs. 16 three year olds.
sometimes i win. sometimes they win.
but its a good time.

last week at school/work i learned that i in fact never paid attention when we talked about dinosaurs when i was going through school.
while trying to teach about dinosaurs i found my self constantly going to and having it read the names of dinosaurs to be because trying to figure out how to say ornithomimids and pachycephalosaurs is really hard.
also, three years repeat, mimic, and remember everything you say and do.

we went to a friends comedy show, and it was soo funny.
every one should have a friend that does stand up comedy.

we have been indulging in, get this, siracha carmel popcorn.
if you know me you know i love three things
siracha, carmel and popcorn
putting them together was genius.
i based my recipe off of this one.

weve had sunshine and rain for the past two weeks.
guys, i think the snow is gone for good.
well, lets cross our fingers.
im ready to put away my winter clothes and start using my water slide pass.
also im ready to start riding my bike to work.
or rather, riding the train up the giant hill that the U of U sits on and then cruising down it on my bike.

we are planning a major birthday bash.
garrett, our good friend sharon and i all have birthdays in the same week.
(mine is my golden birthday, 25 on the 25th!)
none of us like to have the attention that comes with having a birthday.
so we are throwing ourselves a mini music festival on the snake river.
basically taking the attention off us individually, putting it on all of us and our musical friends.
music, food, friends, pinata, im trying to convince them we need a bounce house...
basically, its going to be a great time and every one is invited!

my mom started following me on instagram!
which is cool.
my parents arent on any form of social media.
so this is kinda a big deaaaal.
(k, not really but whatever.)

and of course we have had all of the in-between stuff,  visits from friends, lots of time spent with aunt bobbi and kids, playing with our animals, trying new restaurants,  going on adventures, time at the gym, trying to sleep in on saturdays, etc.

basically, we are busy and happy.
but will try to be better at this little blog.

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