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virtual shoe shopping.

i am not in any need of shoes. but these are beauts!







1,2: anthropologie 3,4: asian icandy 5,6: Ruche

workin' girl blues.

saturday working.
wishing for
summer swimming weather.

Tis the Season

This past week has been full of so much family and fun.
Before we left Idaho Garrett and I had a little Christmas together and exchanged presents.
We decided that if we are ever going to give gifts, then they have to be home made.
So I made a cork board map to keep track of our travels together for Garrett and he made a new treasure box for me.
(many do not know, but i have multiple little treasure boxes full of things that i love.)
please excuse the crappy cell phone photos.

We then headed off to California.
First we had lots of dental work done...
and then we ate SOOOO many sweets! 
seriously, i think we each gained ten pounds.
my mother is the queen of sweets and treats us all way too good.
Garrett got to experience his first glimpse of Christmas with the DeLora's.
This year we had Christmas with his family so we had a little Christmas with my family on the 22.
We had our Christmas eve program, which changes every year.
This year was the family playing of hand bells via ipads.
And boy was it a sight to be seen.
On the 22nd Santa came! 
We did stockings, exchanged gifts, and had a good time.
we got to talk with Elder DeLora! 
It was so good to actually be able to talk with him. He is such a funny kid.
And of course while we were there we did lots of eating, playing of Bang!, movie watching, and everything in between.  
I love going home and am always so sad to leave. (and so was Garrett this time)

We then headed to Clovis for Christmas with the Sherwoods!
We continued to gorge on sweets and lots of good food.
Christmas eve Garrett took me to Candy Cane lane to see the lights.

On Christmas day we waited for all of his siblings to arrive and then we exchanged gifts.
We then went to the old folks home to sing to Garrett's Grandmother which was kind of a cool experience. Most of the people there have dementia so it was interesting to watch and see some of them singing along.
(intense bottle opening)

We then had dinner and went to see Les Miserables.
There was tons of hype for the movie and i was never really into Les Miserables so i was excited to see it, but not any more excited than any other movie.
With that said, I really enjoyed it. It was really well done.
Now its games, movies, kids, book reading, and family time until Friday when we start our trek back to Rexburg where school, work, eating good and exercise (LEAN IN '13!!!) and real life start all over again....


Why has no one ever introduced me to Freaks and Geeks?!?
I cant stop watching.
I mean,
James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Linda Cardellini from Good Burger.
Where was I in 1999 and why was I not watching this show?

oh yeees.

finals are done.
school is out.
the snow has (finally) come.
im sitting at work on a Saturday eating a clementine 
and by chance Neil Young is on my iTunes shuffle singing Clementine.
next stop, Pocahontas on Netflix.
California, we're coming to you next week.


if i had $475 i would buy him:

purebred bichon frise.

bragging rights.

so i do this thing recently (the past year) where 5 minutes into a movie i pass out.
i dont know why.
i could be wide awake,
it could be 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
i could have just woken up from a nap,
and no matter what
i almost always fall asleep.
Like i mentioned before, during Thanksgiving break we watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies.
( i have a hard time sitting still and these movies are loooong.)
that was in preparation to see the Hobit.
Last night we went to the midnight showing of said Hobit movie which was 169 minutes.
that equals 2 hours and 49 minutes.
and i didnt fall asleep once!
(ignore the fact that i took almost a 3 hour nap right before and made sure to have plenty of caffeinated drink and popcorn on hand.)
i left the theater stoked off of the movie and bragging about the fact that i stayed awake the whole time.
this might be a sign that i am really growing up...
but probably not.

wish list

If I needed things, these are the things I would "need"
But I dont need anything.
So really, these are just things that I've been looking at lately.

(ok this i really do need. i function so much better with my planner and im down to my last week.)

1.Dress 2. Ring 3. Camera 4. Planner 5 Necklace .6.  Gloves 7. Salt Lamp

Christmas Soiree

We had our annual Christmas Party last night.
Im going to go ahead and call it a success...

and then you have your typical roller coaster photo...right?

and we even had a special guest!


how could you not love this time of year.

best month of my life.


I love food.
I do.
Probably way too much.
When im done with lunch, one of the first things i think about is what im going to eat for dinner...
When we got back from all of the wedding stuff Garrett said he wanted to eat a stricter diet.
(not diet like, "i really wanna loose three pounds"(though i have lost 4! ha) watch video if you dont know what im talking about here. kind of diet, but you know, the diet that every one has as in the things you eat.)

Me being the person i am, didn't want to be left out!
So we decided to do it together.
Our "diet" was/is this:

no sugar. no gluten. not meat. no dairy.

I love sweets. I love bread. I dont really eat meat. I didn't realize that I like cheese.
So instead, we have been eating a lot of fruit, salads, beans, and veggies.
I get made fun of every day at work for eating an apple and almonds for lunch and have been the target of treat giving lately. (They're trying to publicly break me.)
Basically, people think we are crazy.
BUT i will say that we have cheated a tad....
Holidays (Thanksgiving we went crazy) and special occasions like the watching of The Muppets Christmas Carol. (You just have to do some things the right way.) And small events here and there.
When we cheat, its usually with sugar. It is my archenemy.
But for the most part we are trying really hard to be good!
(even with my recently constant cravings for Dr. pepper and sour straws)

I am starting to really enjoy this diet and how much better I feel.
We have been able to experiment with different kinds of food, because seriously, you dont realize how often you use certain things like a little bit of butter here and a little bit of cheese there. Or how many things have gluten in them, until you cant have that stuff.

I was blog lovin the other day and stumbled upon Wolf and Willow. For the month of December she's doing this Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project and posting recipes every day!
I also follow Going Home to Roost and she did the vegan thing and cut out gluten.
(and talked about her wolf and willow's eating habits today on her blog.)
She also posts "dinner ideas" which have some really good things on them.

Basically, what im trying to say is; it is nice to know there are others out there doing some of the same things and posting delicious recipes for the rest of us.
We're not doing anything here that no one has done before. In fact I know tons of people who have these kinds of eating habits.
No, we're not becoming health nuts or anything like that, and we wont force you to eat what we eat.
We're just eating better and feeling better while we do it!
And i will say one more thing.
I dont know if its the incredibly comfortable bed my family got us or the change in our eating habits, but I have been sleeping the best I have ever slept. Seriously.
Like a rock.

this is really great

This couple who is 101 and 103 years old only dreamed of having wedding photos together. And now they've got it. Photographers in their province have been volunteering to help elderly couples obtain wedding photographs they missed originally due to the lack of technology when the events originally happened.
(Found here.)


Um... so having Family Home Evening with real family is SO much better than the organized groups of random college kids that the school does.
Though our family its just Garrett and I, we have had some (two) of the best FHE's i have ever been apart of.
Luckily, Garrett is really good at just going along with things.
Last week we made paper snow flakes.
This week for FHE we went and got our first Christmas tree and decorations and hung last weeks snow flakes.
(and got some of those cinnamon smelling pine cones. hello wonderful smells all of the time.)

We decorated, drank cider, listened to John Denver & the Muppets Christmas
 and toped the night off with a viewing of Christmas Vacation while gorging on one of those popcorn tins that has the three flavors.
(and Garrett even let me get the tin with puppies on it! I'm telling you, I am a lucky girl.)
I am so thankful for my little family.
(and the fact that its December 6th and there is no snow on the ground. what the what?)

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