We are so lucky to have wonderful friends, a car that works, and opportunities  to travel together with our little family.
This weekend we went to Bosie to visit Jared, Krista and their adorable daughter Hailey, G's best friends.
And it was such a good weekend!
We spent lots of time just hanging out and catching up, playing with Hailey and hearing her say, "Ohh, Sal is so cuuute." (she is 3 and one of the cutest kids I have ever seen so hearing one cute thing call another cute thing cute was the best.)
We roasted hot dogs and mallows
stayed up talking until 2am
went to my favorite water park(!!!)
ate tons of delicious food
played games
watched ridiculous tv shows
and were really sad when we had to leave this morning.
I am so glad we had a chance to visit them in their new house before we leave Idaho.

Sal was so good in the car!
He went between G's lap and mine as well as his bed in the back seat.
I think he was meant to be our dog because he actually likes being in the car!

And let me tell you more about these water slides, or about one water slide.
They have one that is called the Cliff Hanger
It is six stories up and a four second drop.
You get inside of a capsule that has a see through window, they ask you through an intercom in the capsule if you are ready, you have to relply, there is a countdown and then they open a trap door and your just drop straight down the water slide.
I don't know how many people we saw get to their turn in line and then say never mind and walk back down the stairs.
it was intense.

Oh, and this weekend I realized that I have a lot of freckles on my face and i have no idea when they got there.