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Garrett plays music with our good friend Mallorie.
They call themselves BadLands.

If you havent seen/heard them play yet, here is some of their covers.
but first, a sneak peak of garrett playing one of my favorite xavier rudd songs in preparation for our bash

Happy Birthday Garrett

Garrett turned 28 yesterday!
we figured out that i first meet Garrett when he was 24.
4 years have already gone by! 
since we are having our birthday bash next weekend, we kept his birthday low key.
we made Belgium waffles, eggs, and breakfast potatoes for breakfast.
And then loaded up the car with Sal and Matt and headed to the mountains for a mid morning hike.

After our hike we got lunch, took naps, bought some new running shoes, and watched catching fire.

I love this man so much, and i am blessed to have him in my life.

music, music, and peeps.

Garrett has been preparing music for our big birthday bash next week. 
it has been so nice to hear him playing more often. 

Our good friends Mal and Josh came to town to see one of our favorite duo's Shovels and Rope with us.
Its crazy how much noise two people can make on stage. 
They were so good.

And its peep season, so of course i found the biggest peep i could.

we are utahins

 The past few weeks have flown by and also went by soo slowly at the same time.
 I dont know how that is possible, but it is.

We officially became Utah residents.
We got the drivers licences to prove it.

Matt spent his spring break with us!

And I needed change, so of course that means the hair dye came out!

conference weekend

this is what our weekend looked like:

eating the prettiest donuts on saturday mornings with a bug cup of pero.

we made a trip to ikea and got a shelf for all of my craft supplies (luuucky!) and a clothes rack for all of the shop clothes.

we live down the street from an indian market. which is the best thing ever since we just discovered instant curry noodles. they also have masala and other flavors. 

it has been so sunny here. 70's all week! but some times when the sun is setting the sky looks like this. 

cookies. how can you go wrong making cookies on a sunday after noon?
oh, you cant.

i spent a good two hours cleaning out my closet. at one point i pulled some sweatshirts off of the top shelf and my wedding bouquet fell on my head. i was wondering where i had put it.

garrett was sooo nice and tried braiding my hair. he did a pretty good job for his first time!

and of course monday came too fast.

tri birthday bash

how fantastic is this?
our good friend drew never fails to deliver.
i asked him to do a music festival type flier for our birthday party
and that he did.
i mean, he even put sal and jay on it!
and sharon requested to be a tree, so a tree she is.
if nobody  but the  bands show up for this, i wouldnt even care.

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