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this is going to sound really strange, i am aware.
i have been thinking a lot about feet.
all of the places that every ones feet go.
ive also been thinking a lot about something that Thoreau said
"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads"
lately, my feet have been doing a lot of these two things:

if i was into photography and stuff, i would do some kind of series on feet and the places that they go.
because seriously, it is so interesting to think about. 
at least to me.

have you ever sat through a commercial and when it was over you had no idea what they were trying to sell to you?
its kind of an odd feeling.
speaking of odd feelings,
i have this pair of sandals and when i take them off at the end of the day, it feels like i am still wearing them.
or the room i work in has a lot of fans because it has a lot of computers and things. so i hear fans all day. sometimes when i am at home, i can still hear fans.
or when im running on a tread mill and i get off, i dont know how to walk normal. like, how fast do i usually walk compared to how fast i am walking now?

one of my bestest(?) friends in the whole entire world is coming back to rexburg today i am so happy. sooooo happy. the timing couldnt be more perfect.

summer is for reading and being out side.
this i know.
though i dont usually get out side until after 6pm theses days,
i am doing plenty of reading.
wednesday i read Feather Room (by Anis Mojgani, beautiful book)
yesterday i read Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. (by Jack Weatherford)
today i read And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks (by Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs) 
and The Sea is My Brother.(by Jack Kerouac)
i dont think there has ever been a time in my life where i wanted to read and had so much time to do it.
this is so great.

one day

when i don't live with five other girls, 
i will have a plant collection like this.
one day.

"know that my heart was too big for my body
so I let it go
and most days this world has thinned me to the point where I am just another cloud forgetting another flock of

 but believe me when I tell you that my soul has managed to squeeze its self into such narrow

 place your hand beneath your head when you sleep tonight 
and perhaps you will find it there making beauty as we sleep
as we dream 
as we turn over
when we turn over in the ground 
may the ghosts that we have asked answers of do the
turning kneading us into crumbs of light and into this thing love thing
called life. come into it!"

lost arts

today at work i was making a list of skills i want to learn.
and then i started thinking about lost arts.
theeeeen, i was on and found this show called Craft In America
you should probably watch it because its really interesting.

i climbed into bed at ten thirty last night.
i dont know who i was trying to fool.
certainty not myself
because my brain would not shut off.
(im trying out this thing where i go to bed before midnight and get up at 5:30 every day. im also doing no make up and no blow dryer for a month. yikes.)
there was no way i was going to fall asleep.
so i climbed to the top of the old church building
the one across the street from the park,
where the kids were throwing glow stick juices at eachother.
of course this was only after i hung out in the parking lot with a 44 0z (of h20, no soda this month either)
there is something about parking lots.
especially ones that hold memories
and really good memories at that.
summer is a time where wonderful things can happen to quite people.
there is something about summer that gives me courage.
the kind of courage that i dont have the rest of the year.
when i got home i sewed and listened to alvin youngblood hart until 4:48am
and i dont regret it.
not one bit.

k, but really.

this is how i feel.
(me being patrick, the pink starfish on the right)
its only been a day and a half.
but, i will say that trying to stay busy has resulted in me being really productive.
and lots of time at the gym.

Be excited.


i have been inspired by these ladies and have decided to bust out my sewing machine and sew all night.(7 week break NO RULES!):

the first 70

I want to see this:

"Last May California announced plans to close one quarter of their 278 parks,
a devastating move that is intended to save the state a mere $22 million per year. The closure list includes thousands of acres of park land, recreation areas, wildlife reserves, and 50% of the state's historic parks. By July 2012 Californians will be bereft of 70 magnificent natural parks. The media has
done little to disclose the ongoing closures or emphasize their impact.

The First 70 is a short film that showcases an inspiring journey through California to visit the 70 majestic state parks slated to close in July 2012. Three young filmmakers set out last May on a 3,000 mile trip around California after the state announced plans to close one quarter of their 279 parks. The closure list includes thousands of acres of parkland, recreation areas, wildlife reserves, and 50% of the state's historic parks. The First 70 beautifully portrays the individuals who have put their heart and soul into maintaining and caring for these remarkable resources."

if you're feeling sad, dont skip out on work early and go to the animal shelter thinking that walking abandoned dogs will make you feel better.

because it wont.


have you heard of Senegal's Lake Retba? 
or as the French refer to it Lac Rose?
it is pinker than any milkshake. 
experts say the lake gives off its pink hue because of cyanobacteria,
a harmless halophilic bacteria found in the water.
It also has a has a high salt content, so you can float effortlessly.

this is real life.

Original Vs Cover

i have this thing i do
where when i hear a song being covered,
i HAVE to listen to the original and pick which one i like better.
(most often i like to original best. duh)
so last night when i heard Kimbra (who i have never heard of until last night)
cover Nina Simons Plain Gold Ring,
my mind instantly started playing the original.


and another cover by Grandfather Glen

i choose Grandfather Glen over Kimbra, and Nina over all of them.
also, heres to having a 113% the day after finals! holla. ( i promise im done talking about grades. promise.)

im all done.

the semester is over.
now its 40 hour work weeks.
lots of book reading.
evening bike rides.
road trip.
deep love.
and then... 
who even knows?
This is pretty much the life i want right meow:

 this 'lil guy is killing me.
i think i need one.

this is beautiful.

we are going to Jackson to finally see this tonight,
and i can hardly wait.

(i just caught myself clipping coupons at work. 

this morning when i left the house i had an 84% in
of my classes....
how does that even happen?
well, 4 hours later it changed.

but ive also taken 3 finals since this change.
lets see if i can get back to all 84%.
because that would be cool.
(and not cool because they're all B's. but cool because they are all the same percentage. duhhh.)

its monday.

last night i dreamt that i boiled pizza in grape soda and made lots of money off of it.

Somethings are just magical

So much eye candy for this friday the 13th.


dreams can come true in the form of $6499:

word from the not so wise, to the potentially wise

if you are supposed to write a one page journal entry every day for class,
do it every day.
i just sat down to catch up and the last time i wrote was may 17th.
(today is July 12th in case you were confused. i sure was.)
i wonder what happened on may 17th,
that made me not want to write on may 18th.
we went to Portland last weekend.
ive felt strange since.
it may have been the whirlwind of a trip
or hitting the deer and watching it fly, bounce, and skid to its death.
or it may have been the atmosphere at the slam.
or the fact that i was out of small town rexburg,
and in big town Portland.
where things are like, you know, the real world.
or it may be this really hot weather that i have been begging for.
and now, not sure why i did since my swimming options and free time are limited at the moment.
(which is the whole reason i wanted the hotness in the first place.)
but really,
its probably just the fact that its finals time again and i just want to play.
all. of the. time.
(Spell check is telling me that rexburg is spelt wrong and is asking if i meant
to spell ragbag. yes spell check, i think i did mean that.)
i think we need a 24 hour frozen yogurt place.
actually, no.
that was a bad idea.
12:49 am.
paper due at 5 am.
buh bye.


there aren't a lot of things i feel i need in life.
but i feel like i need this book.

123 days.

thats exactly 4 months from today.

I am really good at a few things.
like staying up really late and getting up really early.
or reading novels for fun instead of my text books the week before finals.
or searching the internet for new knowledge instead of doing homework.
or falling asleep on the couch even though the living room is a lot hotter than my bed.
or getting way too excited over little things.
or watching 3 episodes of project runway in one sitting.
or day dreaming about RV's and the open road.
or worrying.
in fact i am so good at worrying,
that lately Ive been worrying that i am not worrying enough.
i know, i know.
sounds silly, but its true.

easily distracted

i dont like chocolate, but these guys are rad

this japaness tea ceremony box that turns into a table is so coooool.

and what about this Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer:
i think im finally discovering the internet (outside of the 3 websites i visit.)

today is not the fourth

i woke up thinking that today was the fourth of july.
i was thoroughly disappointed when i realized it is not.
toady is not the fourth.

keep it simple.

i like simplicity, but i tend to make things complicated.
"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness."
-Henry David Thoreau

This is real life

if you were confused before and didn't think i was serious about me getting married, this should confirm it for you.
this is real life.

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