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today im loving

I recently discovered Rachel Khoo and she is the cutest.
She is an English chef living in Paris with her own series on BBC.
She also has a little blog that is also cute.
I recommend her show.

Sals first night away

We decided that it would be best for every one involved if Sal stayed in Rexburg while we go to Salt Lake this weekend.
So he's going to stay with some friends while we are gone. (thanks mel and chris!)
With his help, we have packed his suit case and he is ready to go.
(I didn't even have to force him in these photos! "Sal sit." works just fine.)
I am already worried about him and we haven't even left yet...
but i know he is in good hands.


Yoga is back in our house after a long break
and it feels so good!

Also Pero has been my vice lately.
I think it might be a psychological thing.
maybe i trick myself into thinking that it has the same effect that coffee has
therefore i have the energy that comes with it...?
but maybe not.

i just need to get though today,
work all day tomorrow
and one class on Friday and then we are off to Salt Lake to see the Tallest Man on Earth
as well as attempt to find a place to live.
I am so excited.
I got my internship with The Boys and Girls Club of Salt Lake!!!!
It is going to be so good.

Half way!

This week marks the semester being half over!!!!!
I am still passing all of my classes
(well, i have a huge research test i need to take tomorrow so this statement might not be true tomorrow.)
I haven't complely lost my mind
and I am still finding time to be with friends and my little family.

Also, here is a photo an old friend took of Garrett last week.
Go to here.

Howling at the Moon

This music video is so beautiful.
and i dont think that just because they are some of our best buds.
i sincerely like the style of this video.
if you have a few extra dollars and want to help them make their album AND get cool stuff,
go here!!!!

Midas Whale -Howling at the Moon- (Live) from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.


There is this online vintage shop called Adored and they have THE CUTEST dresses right now.

told ya.

Also, old roommates and good friends are the best.

Black bean bowls.

We had black bean bowls for dinner the other night and they were so good.
I love having fresh produce on hand.
We topped them off with peach mango salsa and it was so delicious.

Thome's 30th

(sorry if you are feeling a photo over load on here.
but also, get use to it.
we only have 2 months left in idaho and were taking advantage of it and taking our camera along while we do.

Thome (Tom) turns 30 tomorrow.
so we partied today.
i love having such a large group of friends.
really good friends.
and we even had a secret show with Midas Whale (be jealous.)

secret spot camping.

G has been wanting to camp in the secret spot between the two waterfalls for years.
so we figured since its our last summer in idaho, we might as well.
we parked high above the canyon and hiked into it.
we carried our sleeping bags, tents, pillows with a bed roll, and walked Sal.
it was such a great time.
and of course it was beautiful
and ford even came out later on to camp with us!

Sal is so good in the car!

Hiking into the canyon.

Crossing the log.

Eating a snack on the wall that G gave me my ring on.

Pro fire makers.

Leaving the canyon.

Date Night.

Date night this week was in our own back yard.
I bought a rotisserie a coulpe of weeks ago to use as a fire pit...
And I believe that was such a good idea.
We had hot dogs and s'mores around our fire.
Sal learned real fast that fire is hot and stayed on someones lap most of the time.
It was so much fun to be able to spend time in the backyard together as a family.
I sure do love our little family and how happy they make me.

2 things.

2 things im lovin right now:

1. to be living in the United States, in Idaho, in Rexburg, in a house, with a backyard, full of beautiful things that I get to bring inside of my house.

2. Talented friends who leave little drawings all over our house for us.

And I am so happy toady is Friday!

my babies.

these are my newest babies.
poor rebecca waited around for 30 minutes while i looked at plants.
and of course as soon as i got home and sat on the ground to replant them Sal ran up and took a big bite out of each one.

Speaking of babies and Sal...

Melts your heart.

So. Cool.

Can our children please be like this?
I am willing to move to Africa.

"Born in Africa to French wildlife photographer parents, Tippi Degré had a most unusual childhood. The young girl grew up in the African desert and developed an uncommon bond with many untamed animals including a 28-year old African elephant named Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, lion cubs, giraffes, an Ostrich, a mongoose, crocodiles, a baby zebra, a cheetah, giant bullfrogs, and even a snake. Africa was her home for many years and Tippi became friends with the ferocious animals and tribespeople of Namibia. As a young child, the French girl said, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends."
Parents Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert documented Tippi's life and relationships with the African wildlife and transformed those moments into captivating books and movies. Tippi of Africa, published in 1998, told Tippi's story of she and her parents, and Tippi's close bonds with wild animals made her quite famous. Her mother said, "She was in the mindset of these animals. She believed the animals were her size and her friends. She was using her imagination to live in these different conditions."
Looking past some fairly obvious and natural parental worries, Tippi had the most amazing upbringing. Not many of us can say that we lived a real life adventure where we rode ostriches in our free time or that our best friend growing up was an African elephant, one of the largest animals to walk the earth! You can see a video of Tippi, below, with some of the animals as well as a trailer for the Bridging the Gap to Africa documentary."

Sleep Brittany.

I woke up last night to G holding a cup of water over me.
Apparently I told him I had rocks in my throat and needed a drink of water?
And I woke up right when he was about to hand it to me.

Sleep Brittany is getting out of control.
G tells me stories about everything we talk about while im sleep talking.
And we have like 30 minute conversations that I can't remember even having.
One of these nights I'm going to get myself into some trouble.
Like last night when I was talking about bad guys getting me and he said they weren't going to get me and asked if I knew why.
My answer was because Sal would protect me.
Apparently the right anwer was because G would protect me.
I also didn't know where we got married, but i knew it was on 11/10/12.
I think sleep Brittany mainly comes out when I am stressed.
Looks like were going to have an extra personality hanging around the house until this semester is over... 

i just want to party.

- Today I realized that I get the most compliments on my looks on the days that I didn't get ready... what?
- I'm mostly funny in front of people I don't know or when im not trying to be funny.  
- And soo awkward the rest of the time.
- I can't go to the city library because i owe them $23 in fines. (Apparently I also owe the school library $2.50 for turning in a book late, but they can't tell me what book it was, and I can't remember every checking out a book from the school library....?)
-Lately i just want to throw parties. Today I looked at my calendar and realized we only have one weekend between now and when we move that doesn't already have something planned for. 
Maybe we should start partying during the week more often?
-Today I took Sal on a walk I forgot which direction home was...don't explore new areas if youre not going to pay attention to where you are going.
- I only have 41 more days of school. not counting holidays, weekends, or the few days at the end of the semester that I am not going to school. And technically I only go to classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri, so that means I have even LESS days of actually class room time. (with 2 online classes.)
- Every time I tell G im not going to eat sugar this week, i end up eating more than normal. I guess i just cant help but resist authority. even if that "authority" is myself.
- My little brother gets home from Guatemala in about a month a half. My sister gets married in almost 2 months. My sister in law has a baby in about 3 months, we move to Salt Lake in 4 months, and we go to Guatemala in about 6 months!!! I thought about making count downs for all of these things but realized it was too much work. 
- I can't seem to wake up early enough to ride my bike to school and be there on time. here is to trying to be at work tomorrow by 7am and ride my bike. wish me luck.



Remember that hike we went on with the Smelcers?
This is from that hike. (Mel took it of course)

Good Thoughts.

I have been having a lot of grumpy days lately.
and i am not proud of this.
i think i (almost) bit off more than i can chew this semester.
its just soo busy with school, work, family, home work etc.
and i am tired all of the time.
on Friday at school i was thinking about every thing that had happened that day.
and it was only 10am:

Sal had what we call a "blow out" when this happens to babies and they have diapers.
except Sal doesn't have a diaper....
(it was gross so im not going to go into details, but poo every where.)
I think he was embarrassed by this because when I took some things to the trash he darted down the street.
and he never runs that far.
so i chased him barefoot in the rain down the block.
And then i walked to school in the rain.
And got 3 blisters.
And forgot my homework at home
work has been annoying (this is the best way to put it with out being mean.)...

And then i thought about the morning before.
when G was getting an allergy pill out for him self and put one on the counter for me and said
"youre going to need this."
And I remebered how lucky i am.
and though him getting an allergy pill for me is silly and small
i kept thinking,
"man, he's got my back. he really loves me. i am the luckiest"

so from here on out, im thinking good thoughts. 
because my life is good.
and July 19th will be here before I know it.

Date Night.

This week for date night we tye-dyed.
We originally were just doing onsies for a baby shower
but then we did our own shirts.
the whole process is so exciting to me!
we did them last night, let them sit over night, and rinsed them this morning before church.
When G unwrapped his I screamed our of excitement.
it looked toooo cool.
and now i want to tye dye everything.
(including the white dress i wore to church today.)

Last weekend.

Before this weekend comes i figured id tell you about last weekend.
It was a busy weekend.
But the good kind of busy.
The kind where all of your friends invite you to do differnt things and you want to do them all but cant.
After camping G slept (because apparently sleeping with out a sleeping bag is cold. idk, i was in my sleeping bag.)
I did home work and a test.
We went to a BBQ at the park with some friends.
Wanted to go to a kabob party with some other friends
but ended up in IF.
So we went to see the Great Gatsby and Perkins after wards with some really great friends.
I have been waiting SO long for it to come out.
Remember how the release date got pushed back?
we saw it.
And I really loved it.
I was worried I wouldnt like it because it is one of my favorite books.
But i was pleasantly surprised.  
It was fabulous.
I wanted to read the book once more before we went to the movie but i couldnt find my copy.
So we ordered a new one and I plan on reading it this weekend.
I highly suggest the book and the movie.
And the music.
The music is so great.
the end.


Yesterday we went hiking with the Smelcers.
It was such a good time.
and a nice break from reality.
Sal came and was such a sport.
G had taken him on a long walk earlier that day that I wasn't aware of when we made plans to go on this last minute hike.
So Sal went on a long walk plus about 3 miles of hiking.
And he's only 9 weeks old...
Here is a photo Mel took.
She is so great.
And this is our first "family photo" with Sal!


It seems like i start to make new goals around the middle of every month.
so im going to stick to that.
here are some goals for this month.


ever since the weather starting to get nice (last week) ive been noticing my lack of girl friends.
i have lots of guy friends.
lately i just want to go to the warm slough and hang out with my girls while G is at work.
except, i dont really have any anymore.
i used to do that kind of stuff with my guy friends, but now that im married that would be weird.

or window shopping.
ive been doing that by myself lately and its not as fun as when you have someone else there with you.
most days i am ok with not having many good girl friends any more,
but lately i am not liking it.

dont get me wrong though, i still have some really good girl friends.
they just live far away, are married, or engaged so i can't just hang out with them whenever.
but i sure do love them.

ive also been thinking a lot about making friends.
come september i am going to have to make all new friends.
this is scary to me.
and strange to think about.
thank goodness i have sal and garrett.

Camping at last.

I have been asking G if we could go camping since November.
And now we can!
Rexburg is now in the mid- 70's during the day and low 40's at night.
Yesterday I got done with school by 2:00.
We packed up the car and headed for the warm slough.
We set up camp, made Sal swim in the water and relaxed in the sun.
I then left Sal and G at the river and went to work at Ying Yangs.
Around 9:30 I headed back to the warm slough and all of our friends were there!
We had a camp fire, foil dinners, and a good time.
Around mid night most people headed out and G, Sal and I headed for our tent.
We also had Ford neighboring us in his tent out there.
It was a good time.
I am so excited that it is now warm.
G made his work schedual so that he has every Friday and Saturday off.
(which means he works Sundays from 4-11, but thats ok.)
I am planning on camping every Friday night.
Just watch me.


i was so grumpy/irritated today.
im not going to even start to tell you about all of the bad/negative/annoying/frustrating things that have happenend to me today.
but i will tell you about one thing.

there is a fake rock in front of Frontier Pies.
it is "hidden" amongst some real rocks.
every day on my walk home from school i see this fake rock.
ive been wondering why it is there.
is it hiding something?
is the extra key to Frontier Pies in it?
who knows!?
I have mentioned this rock to G before and commented on how badly i wanted to see what was under it.

today on my way home, being grumpy and in the "i'm going to do what i want" mood, i saw this rock as usual.
i didnt even think twice and i walked right over to that rock,
bent down to give it a good push to flip it over
and i heard someone say "M'am."
lo and behold, Rexburgs finest was standing behind me with his lights flashing.
he asked me what i was doing.
the only thing i could think of to say was
"flipping this rock."
 i tried explaining that i just wanted to see what it was hiding, but quickly realized that no matter what i said, i wouldn't make much sense.
i aplogized.
he told me to leave the rock alone.
and i finished my walk home.

i still do not know what is under that rock.
but don't worry.
i am no longer grumpy.
if you know what that rock is all about, please dont tell me.
i need to discover it for myself. 

Just in case...

Just incase you didn't catch The Voice last week here is what happened.

I knew what was going to happen and I still cried.

But I like what Rolling Stone said,

" Amber chose to sing "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne, dedicating it to her mother who passed away from breast cancer and putting a country spin on it. Meanwhile, Midas Whale put down the instruments (a guitar and accordion) to perform Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground."

While Amber fell right into her wheelhouse, the Midas Whale guys were admittedly out of their element. Leaving the indie-folk genre behind and taking a more serious approach was "a risk," according to guitarist Jon Peter Lewis. But aside from losing a little of their uniqueness by losing the instruments and playing it straight, they really just couldn’t compete with the fact that Adam seems hell-bent on winning the competition with a country artist over friendly rival Blake Shelton. And, in the end, we think that's really why Amber scored the K.O.

While we're sure Midas Whale is feeling pretty bummed right now, it's the viewers who are the real losers here. Yes, Amber gave a solid performance, and considering she's country, she'll probably win a lot of votes. But there's just nothing new or different about her. She's kind of generic, whereas Midas Whale is the total opposite, especially for a competition like this."

 Be on the look out for their Kick Starter as well as Deep Love in the fall!

We do this thing...

(This is what I am trying to remember. Espcailly never be lazy, beecause lately i just want to sleep all of the time.)

Sal does this thing where he gets so tired that instead of jumping off of the couch to sleep on the floor,
he flops off and sleeps where ever he lands. (He is getting so big and smart! He is already at least 3X's the size he was when we first got him!And he is only 8 1/2 weeks old!)

I do this thing (sometimes) where I cry in my sleep and say silly things, and then G tells me about it the next day.

G does this thing where he watches his computer during fantasy baseball season,  and though I do not know what is going on on the screen, it makes him happy and that makes me happy.
He also does this thing where he trains Sal to sit, stay, come, and go to his bed. And he's really good at it.

We gave the opening and closing prayers in Sacrament Meeting today.
Can I just say I hate doing that. I don't hate the praying part.
I hate the nervous that come while your waiting to say it, and how blank my mind goes when I get up there in front of every one to say it, and how sometimes I say things and think "what did I just say?"

I made a count down of how many more school days are left (not including holidays, weekends, or the two days of finals week.)
53 baby.

And can I vent about graduation and finals week for this semester?
Graduation is on a Tuesday.
Finals are Monday and Tuesday.
Technically my last final is Tuesday morning at 11.
And graduation is that night...
What ever happened to the semester ending with the weekend?
Luckily I am not planning on walking and all of that jazz but I find it really silly.

Sometimes I watch Mad Men on mute just to look at the costumes.

G works Sundays from 3:45-11:00pm.
I am bored. 

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