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make this week be over please.

This week has been ridiculous.
it is a good thing that G and I have a sense of humor.
im not going to bore you with the details of all the car problems we have had since being backed into.
because frankly i might start crying out of stress.
and it's awkward for every one involved when there are tears.
so lets talk about other things.
like the weather!

it is in the 90's for as far as the weather forecast goes!!!
And that brings me so much joy.
so of course this means time at the warm slough!

(Sal likes to adventure too much so we have to put his leash around our ankle when we want to read so that he doesn't run off. he gets a 4 foot radius and surprisingly doesn't mind too much.)

last night we went to put fliers on apartment doors for the Paul Bunyan Music festival and got home around 1:15am
and our door knob was broken.
it would turn but that was it.
it was so frustrating to have a key in your hand and the door not open.
luckily the night before we slept with the window open.
so i was able to pry the screen off and climb in.

today i did a presentation on "working from home"
totally just made things up while i was up there and got 100%.
thaaaank you.

And if you have not had a Mega Smarties sucker
you have not lived to the fullest.
they are SO good.
and at Broulims right now they are 2/89 cents.
i ll take 6 thank you (and will be back for more.)

This is a post about Sal.

I know i talk about Sal a lot.
but he is just the best.
we have been making him sleep in his own bed lately.
but in the morning he will let out a little cry for me to come get him
so i take him out to go potty
and then he gets to get back in bed with me.
and i get to wake up to this:

Originally he would cry around 6:30.
and then 6:00
and then 5:30
and now its around 4:45.
I think he has learned that the earlier he cries, the longer he gets to sleep in our bed.
he is still as playful as ever
and is a happy pup.

yesterday when G picked me up from school someone backed into us and messed up the bumper and the blinker.
we didnt think it was a big deal.

today i woke up feeling sick.
so i skipped work.
and later on we went to the sand dunes.
but before this happened:

this happened:

we got stuck.
i swear the sand was like quick sand.
luckily a nice old farmer man drove by right after i said, "ugh, should i call the tow truck?"
he hooked us up to his truck and pulled us out.
he was real nice.

On the way home we went to get an estimate on the car so we can get that fixed ASAP.
the first place said it was going to be $1,100.
the second place said $400.
Sal and I got to sit in the car and wait.

but when we were leaving the second place, the blinker stopped working completely.
and the speedometer.
and everything else in that general area of the car.
We have travel plans this weekend and need to get the car in and out by saturday...
I am getting all of my AmeriCoprs things figured out.
Trying to find a house.
Finishing up these last three weeks of work and school(!!!)
Packing up/selling what ever we can
figuring out the move
and the trip to California.
here is to trying not to stress!
at least i have these guys that I sure do love.


its monday.
i had two test to take today.
and slept through my first class.
and ended up having to skip one class in order to take a test before the deadline.
after taking my test i went to exit the testing center and turn in my test and i went out the wrong door....!
i went out the emergency exit.
and the alarm went off.
and i was so embarrassed.
the testing center is all new and different and i am not used to it still. (obviously)
and i was looking down at my test and thinking about other things.
when you return your test there are two doors right next to each other.
one where you go to turn in your test
and the other that leads to out side and is the emergency exit.
so when i went through the wrong door and was standing out side with my test and the alarm sounding
i had a choice to make.
walk away really fast, hope no one noticed it was me, and forget about turning my test in and just get a zero on it.
or walk all the way around, back into the testing center, stand in line, explain that i was the one who went through the wrong door like a fool, turn in my test, and leave with my head high.
as much as i wanted to hide,
i did the later.
(though my head was not high)

soul band.

G had a soul band show on saturday.
these are easily some of my favorite things to go to.
they are just so much fun.
he didnt play guitar this time so he danced through all of the songs.
and it was so great. 
(i love that photo above that a friend took.)
he also just shaved his beard.
the last time i saw him with out a beard was last july before he went to Chicago for the summer while i stayed in rexburg.
that was almost a year ago...!
i cant stop staring at him. 
i didnt realize how much different a person can look with and with out a beard.

music by the river

a couple of nights ago a few of us went over to a dear friend, Sharon Morgan's house.
she is such an amazing women.
so kind and free.
she lives right on the river and has a beautiful home and yard.
we roasted hot dogs and mallows, talked for hours, watched Sal play with her dog Patch,
and Garrett played music. (Sharon is a HUGE Garrett fan.huge.)
her place is so peaceful, time passed by so fast it was midnight before we knew it.
it was just the kind of night i needed.
sharon once wrote a book back in the 80's
i have asked her on a few occasions if i could read it and she would always say no, 
or give me an excuses or say she doesn't let any one read it.
but this time, when we were about to leave she ran up stairs and grabbed it for me.
I started reading it as soon as we got home and couldn't put it down.
it is about her being born a member of the Church, getting lost in the 60's to drugs and the idea of finding something bigger, and then finding her way back to the Church.
the book is full of searching, truth, and her testimony of the Church. 
it is beautiful.
and i will even admit that i read it though 3 of my classes today and cried twice.
right there in the middle of class.
she most likely will not want me to recommend this book to any one.
but i do.
it was refreshing.

Always posing.

This guy always looks like he is ready for a picture.

yellow roses.

i picked these off a GIANT rose bush on my way home from work.
braking off rose stems is really hard with your bare hands, in the rain, trying to hurry so the owners of the giant bush don't see you.
sal wont stop staring and barking at them.

4 weeks from right now we will be on our way to California.

Currently reading and vet visits.

I started reading The Art of Racing in the Rain.
My mom and sister both read it and highly recommended.
(We are dog people.)
I don't usually like reading/ watching about animals because they are usually really sad and make me cry.
Or they are all the same.
But this one is differnt!
It is told through the view of Enzo, the dog.
I am only a few chapters in but it is really good.
It has really made me think about animals, their views of people, and how big their hearts are.

And then today we took Sal to the vet.
He weighs a healthy 8.6 pounds now, up 3 pounds from 4 weeks ago.
The vet was doing the normal checks
but he kept checking Sals heart rate.
Like 6 times over.
It made me real nervous.
He then asked how much we paid for Sal.
That made me even more nervous.
(thinking that the vet was hoping we didnt pay too much because he wasnt going to last long or something)
And then the vet said
"Sal has a heart murmur."
I swear I felt my heart stop.
Though I didn't really know what that mean, it scared me.
I am proud to say that I held it together and did shed a tear!
He went onto explain how odd it was that he didn't hear it during our first two visits and that some dogs live a long time with it. And some don't. But if we keep Sal healthy he should be fine.
We just love this little dog so much.


I swear i thought it was friday all day.
if only right?
sal is doing this thing where what ever chance he gets he runs for it.
i dont know where he is going, but i HATE it.
He has done it a few times in front of our house dodging cars and stopping traffic.
today he did it in the Broulims parking lot at 6:00pm.
and if you have ever been in the Broulims parking lot at this time, then you know how crazy busy it is.
i was so mad/scared for his life.

today when G picked me up from work we saw a J-walking cop (yes, Rexburg has a J-walking cops in a smart car) siren at a girl and she ran. SHE RAN! it was sooooo funny.
every time i think about it, i start laughing again.

For some reason that Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla in it at Maverick has been tasting sooo good lately.

And in case you were wondering, yes, i do still constatnly think about living in an RV.
I just try not to talk about it because it makes me "trunky"

Lamb/ Foster wedding

Yesterday we had the oppurtunity to attend the wedding of our good friends Josh and Mallorie.
The wedding was beautiful.
They were beautiful.
Love is beautiful.
Mal and Josh started dating around the same time as G and I.
I didn't really care for Josh at first (for good reasons) but he is such a good man and him an Mal are really good for eachother.
I was so emotional yesterday and kept having little crying spurts.
But it was a good day.
I am really going to miss them when we move.

G played music before the ceremony as well as during part of the reception.
Mal sang Crazy Love for Josh.

(This is us driving home from Swan Valley in our "shades"hah)


I have been hired for a post graduation job.
And it is a job that has to do with what I am getting my degree in.....!!!!!!
I applied for one job, and ended up getting a different, better job.
So I will be a VISTA for AmeriCorps working with the United Way and a new program they have created called Help Me Grow Utah. (HMGU)
VISTA is an anti-poverty program and is the domestic version of the Peace Corps.
I will be working with the Granite School district ( i will even be "put up" in the district office!) and working with the community and community leaders to help families in poverty find the resources available to them.
Salt Lake has the highest poverty rate in the state of Utah (which makes sense)
and about 90% of the students families that attend the schools in the school district are on some kind of government program.
I am so excited to be involved with this!
I will be doing lots of different things like event planning, research, community out reach, presentations and classes and many other things involving the community and helping families.
I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity and I am so excited to get started!

now we just need to find a place to live...

Pink hair, tye dye, and poetry.

i stole this from facebook.

I started this week out thinking "this is going to be a calm week."
I was so wrong.
School is gettin crazy. 
 I am trying my hardest to not quit my job.
I went in to the salon to get my hair redone, you know just brighten everything up.
but we tried using some new products and my hair ended up pink.
cotton candy pink.
(if i werent in school i would have been ok with it.)
so i was at the hair salon on tuesday until 11pm
and then again on wed until 12pm fixing it. 
Yesterday we went to a family in our wards house to tye dye and have dinner.
They were PROS. 
It was so much fun.
We did pillow cases and shirts this time.
And then we had the poetry slam.
Garrett was the feature reader and it was really great to hear him read some of his poetry.
he hasn't done that in awhile.
On Wednesday we realized we had exactly 5 weeks left in this town.
bitter, sweet. 


Hole in the wall.

Guys, my interview is over.
i think it went really well.
and now we just waaaaait.
in the mean time you should watch the show Hole In the Wall.
It is so bizarre.
but i cant stop watching it.

Basically, a wall moves toward you and you have to make it through the wall when it gets to you with out being pushed into the water.
and keep in mind, the prize for wearing that fancy space suit and getting through the holes in the wall-
A trophy!!!!!
Literally, that is the only prize on this tv show...
Watch the video. it is so great.


Sal is being a monster tonight.
running in the street,
trying to bite the spray paint tip while i was spray paining
barking just to bark
running around the room on his invisible track, under the chair, and jumping on the couch over and over.
chewed a hole through my purse (last time he chewed through the whole leather strap)
taking my things and running away with them
and he ripped up a bunch of my homework.
When I scolded him for the last time i think i really scared him.
i went to change the laundry and couldnt find him for about 3 or 4 minutes.
after calling his name, whistleing, and doing what ever I could to try and get him to respond
i found him sitting between the wall and the chair with his head down.
poor guy is really hard on himself.


We are so lucky to have wonderful friends, a car that works, and opportunities  to travel together with our little family.
This weekend we went to Bosie to visit Jared, Krista and their adorable daughter Hailey, G's best friends.
And it was such a good weekend!
We spent lots of time just hanging out and catching up, playing with Hailey and hearing her say, "Ohh, Sal is so cuuute." (she is 3 and one of the cutest kids I have ever seen so hearing one cute thing call another cute thing cute was the best.)
We roasted hot dogs and mallows
stayed up talking until 2am
went to my favorite water park(!!!)
ate tons of delicious food
played games
watched ridiculous tv shows
and were really sad when we had to leave this morning.
I am so glad we had a chance to visit them in their new house before we leave Idaho.

Sal was so good in the car!
He went between G's lap and mine as well as his bed in the back seat.
I think he was meant to be our dog because he actually likes being in the car!

And let me tell you more about these water slides, or about one water slide.
They have one that is called the Cliff Hanger
It is six stories up and a four second drop.
You get inside of a capsule that has a see through window, they ask you through an intercom in the capsule if you are ready, you have to relply, there is a countdown and then they open a trap door and your just drop straight down the water slide.
I don't know how many people we saw get to their turn in line and then say never mind and walk back down the stairs.
it was intense.

Oh, and this weekend I realized that I have a lot of freckles on my face and i have no idea when they got there.

Thursday night.

G is in Salt Lake doing music stuff.
And Sal and I are at home keeping busy.
We played in the back yard, I laid on the chase lounge and read a book for class, and some how fell asleep and woke up to Sal with mud all over his face.
So Sal had a bath.
and has been chewing on a bone ever sine.
I started cleaning out my closet and started with my dresses.
I have a pile to get rid of and these are the ones i just couldnt part with. (at least not yet)
tomorrow we head to Boise and this time Sal gets to come!
This will be the first of many trips in the car for him.
lets hope he does well.

Alarm clocks.

(this is not my actual alarm. though i will gladly accept an iphone)

I dont even know how many times i snoozed and reset my alarm this morning.
what i do know is that i was supposed to be up at 6 
and had class at 7:45 
but some how didnt get out of bed until 8:10... 

BUT look at this screen shot:

summer is here in rexburg!
the speed bumps by the park are out
and the splash park has been turned on.
welcome summer.
i love you.

and while i am posting so many screen shots here is one more:

 Midas Whale had a telethon last night to get as many pledges for their kickstarter before it ends today.
they live streamed a party from 7-10 
it was so much fun!
we started off watching it at home before G went to work.
I then watched it from the hair salon.
and then i eventually made it to the actual event.
there were songs played,
peppers eaten,
and just an over all good time.


In preparation for the move in 6 weeks, I have started getting rid of things and taking them to DI.
Today i droped some stuff off and thought 
"in six weeks i can read what ever books it want...!"
so i deceided to go in and only look at books.
(and i am so glad i did because i got 4 books for 2 dollars.)
But while i was in there, some one had pulled ALL 5 or the fire alarms in the building.
people starting to go crazy.
i felt like what i imagine i will feel like at the end of the world.
people tried looting and walking out with things.
others ran from the building, not knowing what was going on.
of course this was all before any one knew that they were pulled by someone in the building on purpose...
Needless to say, today was an exciting day at the Rexburg D.

In bed by 9

it is so strange/ cool to me how one plant can make a room feel so different and more alive. 

last night we were in bed by 9:00....
and it was weird.
granted, we watched an episode of the new Arrested Development before falling asleep.
but man oh man, i felt like an old lady.

i have finally arrived to that age in life where you have to make lots of (important) decisions.
and though it is exciting, i dont like the waiting part.
i have a dream job interview in one week from Tuesday and i am SO nervous.
mainly because
1. its via skype and for some reason that stresses me out
2. because my last job interview was a looong time ago.
i realized that when i get a job, i keep it for a long time. (2-3 years)
which is good, except for times like this.
i mean, what kind of questions do they ask in interviews any ways?
i cant remmeber...

31 more days of school for me and then we are out of rexburg.

we have lots of trips planned between now and then and i dont know how we are going to do it all.

sal does this thing lately where he likes to put everything on the floor into one pile
and also, he tries to put as many things in his mouth as he can at once.

have you seen these poehler-oids?
so great. 

Cold in June

I some how ended up with a cold.
all i want to do is sleep and watch movies.
but what i need to be doing is midterms and homework.
G is at work until 11:00pm.
so Sal and I have watched You've Got Mail (twice)
went for a walk
and took a long nap.
now if only i could find motivation to do that homework and midterms...

Salt Lake

We had such a good time in Salt Lake!
I always forget how much I love and miss the city until I am back in it.
We checked into our hotel

Walked around the city a bit.
Went to the city Library.
Ate dinner at The Himalayan Kitchen which is easily my favorite Indian restaurant in SLC

We went to the Gateway and did a little shopping for up coming weddings.
And then went to see The Tallest Man on Earth.
For one man being on stage with a guitar, this was probably one of the best shows I have ever been to
He is so talented and a really captivating performer.
And he is so little!
Today we checked out of the hotel, which was the Royal Garden Inn and had really pretty vines covering the buildings. (and was so cheap for the perfect location right down town!)

We then headed to my favorite french cafe and got carrot cake cookies,
drove around the avenues,
walked to city creek and did a little bit more shopping,
ventured down Broadway to visit one of my favorite shops called Misc.,
got slurpees from 7-11 and headed back to the car.
On the way home we stopped in Bear River Utah to get lunch with Jon Peter Lewis, which was a really good time.
Then it was home back to real life, Sal, and a cold that had started on Thursday night. 
It was a quick but wonderful weekend and we are so thankful to Mel and Chris for taking Sal.
Next weekend is Boise to visit G's best friend!

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