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sea of love

Sea of Love by Cat Power on Grooveshark

why is it that you can put cat powers "sea of love" to almost anything and it will make me tear up and feel all sentimental?

life lately has been full of ups and downs. (when is it not though, right?)
it feels like a lot of downs, so when the ups happen, they feel really great.
ive been crazy emotional and having hope and staying positive is a lot of work.
but an up that happened today is garrett heard back from Westminster and he got into grad school!
this is huge for him and i am so happy and excited for this new adventure.
also,were moving this week.
so thats cool i guess.
but heres to trying to be patient, positive, and hopeful!

swan valley

we spent the weekend in idaho with mal & josh.
today was their one year anniversary, so we celebrated love all weekend.
we hiked the lower palisades, stayed at the cabin, cooked delicious food, made up games and watched movies all weekend.
we did a lot of soul searching on the trial, had some heart to hearts, shed some tears, and stood on a mountain and spoke our dreams and wishes and put them out into the universe. 
it was the kind of weekend i have been needing, 
as well as some quality girl time.

sal was also in heaven. he was the happiest weve seen him. which sounds odd because hes a dog, but he literally had a smile on his face all weekend. he got to hike and swim, which are two of his favorite things.
but he also was a ranch dog for the weekend. 
he helped herd cows, stood back while josh shot ground squirrels, followed josh around the yard to collect wood to burn and do ranch duties. 
he was a city dog, living his dream of being a country dog. 
some day sal, some day,

oh and today is jays birthday. happy birthday or something... 
(i am currently unhappy with jay. but what ever, hes a cat, so he doesnt care.) 

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