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meg ryan movie day.

garrett and i are sick.
the sore throat,
achy body,
head ache all the time,
stuffed up,
cant sleep through the night
kind of sick.
the only difference is garrett is at work
and im laying in bed watching meg ryan movies
(because that is the best way to handle sick)
he is such a hard worker.

and can i brag real quick?
look at this love seat i bought yesterday.
$25, with a pull out bed, perfect condition.
none of that weird smells, awkward stains, rips or anything.
its crazy.
we now have 3 couches in our house, which seems a little excessive, i know
but i couldnt pass it up.
also, do you know how heavy couches are that have pull out beds in them?
you should have seen garrett and i trying to get the thing in the house.
i say it was worth it, but garrett might think otherwise.
but he's also the one who got his hand smashed and did most of the work...
jay also thinks we got it for him.

home sweet home.

guys, im at work.
listening to macklemore & ryan lewis.
(try sitting still while listening to them. Its tuff.)
and eating garretts signature bean dish for lunch.
waiting for the snow to hit.
(its been threatening us all morning.)

yesterday was a bad news day for me.

garrett and i were trying to get a house.
one that I thought was my dream house.
it was perfect.
12 foot ceilings.
built in 1880.
hardwood floors.
stained glass window.
original door nobs with skeleton key holes.
big windows.
an attic with lots of natural light perfect for a writing desk
and a music space.
a back yard with room for a garden.
and on the quaint street of Westminster…
i could go on but I ll spare you.
2 people made offers on the same day.
we backed out.
i will admit I was sad.

and then today I went to a homeless shelter for work.

as I walked down the street there were bodies every where.
with piles of their belongings all around them.
as I walked past, a lady started meowing at me
under her breath she would say
“milk please”
between the meows.
another man was yelling at me
“hey, lady, youre going the wrong way. Follow the light.”

600 men
140 women
36 families (200 parents and children)
stayed there last night.
and there is another shelter across the street
with who knows how many people staying there every night.

but after visiting the homeless shelter I am not sad at all.
at least not for my self.
i am happy.
and so grateful that I have a cute little apartment to go home to every night.
and another “perfect” house will come along.

today was a good news day for me.

mums the word.

i havent been on here much.
i know.
mainly because everything going on right now in our lives are basically secrets.
more because i dont want to jinx them by talking about them.
but lets just say things are a changing in the ol' Sherwood household.

also, that family photo above,
not a complete fail, right?

what. a. year.

this post has been in my drafts folder since the end of december.
it was begging to be posted.

garrett started working grave yard shifts and life got real hard.
poetry slams were in full swing (the ones garrett started and hosted)
i started my practicum for marriage and family (which involved me having one on one sessions with students needing help in specific family and marriage related areas)

we visited jackson wyoming with some friends
held a rexburg spelling bee with our group
got called to teach primary (how i miss our ten year olds)

we started bowling buddies!
our buds midas whale showed their faces (& talents) on the tv
garrett started singing in the soul band

garrett turned 27!!
i turned 24!!
sal paradise joined our family
and garrett stopped working grave yards(!!!)

we went to Salt Lake to see The Tallest Man on Earth

visited some friends in Boise and went to the best water park in the state of Idaho
our good friends Mal & Josh wed
garrett performed with Mal as well as the soul band at Paul Bunyon fest

we climbed table rack
i graduated college
matt returned home from his mission
jess got married

saw xavier rudd in santa cruz (a trip to remember)
we moved to Salt Lake City!
i went to LA for training and started working
jay gatsby joined our family

baby james bridger was born (im an aunt!)
we got called to the young mens and young womens programs at church
we joined a gym (and used it)
lots of estate sale shopping
saw james taylor perform with motab
took matt to rexburg for school
started having dinner with aunt bobbi and kids
garrett started his job

deep love month.
all month
lots of deep love stuff.

we celebrated one year of marriage
spent thanksgiving with bobbi, tyler and matt
garrett and ryan wrote and produced christmas bells in 4 weeks (and pulled it off)
and some how pulled me in to play keys the day of the show

lower lights christmas concert
attended garretts work christmas party (best christmas party ever)
went to guatemala with the family
celebrated christmas with the whole delora side of the family
and ended the year with the sherwood side of the family.

2014, go ahead and try to top 2013
i dare you.


have you ever planned something a year in advance,

looked forward to it all year,
and then when it happened it felt like a dream?

that is how our trip to Guatemala felt.

the week before we left was rough.
i dont know how many times we said "just make it to friday."

but we made it.

Guatemala is a magical place.
the people and the sense of community they have,
the volcanoes in your face all of the time,
being there with the whole family,
celebrating Christmas,
sleeping in our own open air hut every night,
heck, even the taxi boat drivers who ripped us off over and over again because we are white.

that week in Guatemala is something we will always treasure.
(we are forever indebted to my parents for that trip.)

from swimming in the lake,
taking taxi boats to surrounding towns,
hippie "christmas" markets,
tres volcano nachos,
group sauna time,
markets with beautiful textiles every where,
tuk tuks,
mom handing out candy canes to the kids,
windy mountain rounds...

we left a little piece of our hearts there,
and we intended to go back for them.

that little hut on the right is where garrett and i slept.

inside our hut


pops ice cream break

mom handing out candy canes to the kids

Chichi market day

Xela market

results of the markets.

sunset view.

old church in Antigua.

last dinner in guatemala with the family.

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