it is so strange/ cool to me how one plant can make a room feel so different and more alive. 

last night we were in bed by 9:00....
and it was weird.
granted, we watched an episode of the new Arrested Development before falling asleep.
but man oh man, i felt like an old lady.

i have finally arrived to that age in life where you have to make lots of (important) decisions.
and though it is exciting, i dont like the waiting part.
i have a dream job interview in one week from Tuesday and i am SO nervous.
mainly because
1. its via skype and for some reason that stresses me out
2. because my last job interview was a looong time ago.
i realized that when i get a job, i keep it for a long time. (2-3 years)
which is good, except for times like this.
i mean, what kind of questions do they ask in interviews any ways?
i cant remmeber...

31 more days of school for me and then we are out of rexburg.

we have lots of trips planned between now and then and i dont know how we are going to do it all.

sal does this thing lately where he likes to put everything on the floor into one pile
and also, he tries to put as many things in his mouth as he can at once.

have you seen these poehler-oids?
so great.