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You know,

Its funny when someone tells you that they want what you have,
but their perception of what you have
is different than your perception of what you have.
so its almost like they want something, that you want also
but neither one of you have
but both wish you did....


These dudes (The Get Up Kids) will be in salt lake in February.
As will I.

oh and p.s. Idaho is crazy.



New Years

Boy-see State

We went to Boise (pronounced Boy-see).

I really like vacation.
It was a great time.
Ford let me do the things i wanted to do. Like eat at Goldys.
We even went to the old idaho penitentiary
I really wanted to go because the tv show Ghost Adventures went there.

It was great.
oh yeah.
and we watched Boise beat Fresno 51-0
it was cold but the boys made it onto ESPN a few times.

Dear, Dear, Dear.

Dear Electric Blanket,
Thank you for being the best invention
since 1928, when sliced bread was invented.
Yours truly,

Dear Heater That Hasn't Worked in Who knows how long,
Thank you for finally working today.
I am glad to know that i do not have to wear my winter
coat indoors any more.

Dear Snow,
I want to be your friend. I really do.
You look soft, and fluffy, and dare i say FUN?
Please be kind to me, and i will return the favor.

Dear Hair,
Please grow so I am not tempted to cut you
and then have to wait for you to grow all over again, to only
find my self back here, wishing you would grow.

Dear New Socks,
Thank you for being thick and "water" proof.
I love the feeling of putting you on for the first time.
Your Great,

Dear Get Up Kids,
Thank your for coming to Salt Lake in February 
so I have something to look forward to after school starts.

Dear Air Hockey, 
Thanks for being there. Even though I never win,
its good to know your always there.
All yours,

-I got a black eye. its pretty cool. i tried uploading a picture but it didnt work. maybe some other day.
-Last night i slept with mittens on. they are really thick mittens so it felt like i had oven mitts on all night.
-Our heat isnt working. and hasnt been for a while. I ve decided to invest in an electric blanket. are they expensive? i want to be warm,  but i dont want to be poor.
-I signed up for classes. Changing my major was such a good idea. I now get to take classes like "Parenting" and "Clothing Construction" and "Practical Homemaking"....! But I do have real classes like the History and Philosophy of Education and Educational Psychology. I think the semester will be balance when it comes to the "fun" classes verses the "hard" ones.
-I watched the Burbs for the first time in a long time, and i was reminded of how much i like it. Along with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
-It is currently 16 degrees and tomorrows high will be 33 degrees. uggggh!

Its baaaaack

It snowed ALL day today.

Last month we carved pumpkins:

And hung out 

Today it was sunny.
so i rode my bike.
i didnt wear sandals.
i really wish i would have worn sandals because i prob wont be able to in a long time.

I want my studio back.
And my king size bed.
And my down town life.
And my public transportation.
And my easy access to thrift stores.
And my french style cafes.

And i really want to go to Chicago.
And Des Moines.
And Boise.
And Lincoln.
And Merced.
And Springfield.
And Austin.
And Toledo.

im going to watch the office now.

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