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remember how i mentioned that some friends and i went to rigby and ate at Me N'Stans?
well this is from that day.
and i love it.
this girl is the best.
and so are the other two who aren't in this photo.
but i really like this.
it reminds me of how great it was to have roommates who were friends and that you really like.
oh, and this girly is engaged!
and of course this was shot by Melanie Smelcer 


Holidays were strange when I was single and away from home.
And they are still kind of strange now that we're married.
We kept it simple for Easter.
We dyed eggs last night and the easter bunny came this morning.
It has been sooo sunny in Rexburg this weekend so after church we laid in the back yard and napped.
And I even got some sun.
We made a simple but delicious dinner and now we are waiting for celebrity apprentice to start so we can eat some apple pie.
Holidays with the one you love are nice.
(though i do miss our families.)

(I don't know how he looks good in all of his photos. and why I'm always doing weird things...)

Me N'Stan's

Last week for date night we went to Me N'Stan's.
If you know me you know that I love breakfast
and i love diners. 
(and i love G, but you already know that.)
this place was pretty good. 
it wasn't Joes Filling Station,
but it did the job.
AND you get a delicious scone with every meal!

On Friday I hung out with some good friends in Rigby and we stopped here again and the scones were still so good.
i will go back.

This article/interview has been one of my favorites that I've seen so far in regards to Midas Whale.
Especially the part where Ryan says that he wanted to say to Blake, "Do you have cotton balls in your ears?" 

Read it here.

home school.

i've  been doing a lot of research on home schooling lately.
(even though that is yeeeeears away)
i usually do this late at night when G is at work, I cant sleep and every things seems more interesting
and when most things sound more ideal at night than they do in the day light.

i stumbled upon a interesting article about home schooling.
it's titled "18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children"
(though neither G or i plan on being a doctor or a lawyer..)

here are some of my favorite reasons from the article.
(boooring i know.)

 Our kids are excelling academically as homeschoolers.  Homeschooling allows us to enrich our children’s strengths and supplement their weaknesses. The kids’ education moves as fast or as slow as required for that particular subject area.  They are not pigeon-holed and tracked as gifted, average, or special needs.

  Use whatever public school services you like.  Need speech therapy, the gifted program, or remedial academics?  Homeschooled kids are still eligible for all these services.  Some homeschoolers come into public school daily for “specials” like art, music, PE, or the school play.  Your kids can even join high school sports teams once they are old enough.  Our kids are still in sports and scouts sponsored by their old schools.

  Our family spends our best hours of each day together.  We were giving away our kids during their best hours, when they were rested and happy, and getting them back when they were tired, grumpy and hungry.  I dreaded each evening, when the fighting and screaming never seemed to end, and my job was to push them through homework, extracurriculars, and music practice.  Now, our kids have happy time together each day.  At recess time, the kids are actually excited about playing with each other!

Our kids have time for creative play and unique interests.  Once my kids entered school, they seemed to stop making up their own creative play together.  They didn’t have time for creative play during their busy evenings.  Now they build forts and crazy contraptions, play dance parties, and pursue their own unique interests.  My eight-year-old has taken up computer programming and taught himself how to play the organ.  My six-year-old is learning to cook.

Teach kids your own values.  According to the national center for education statistics, 36% of homeschooling families were primarily motivated by a desire to provide religious or moral instruction.  Our family is not part of this 36%– we never objected to any values taught in either our public or private schools.  Nevertheless, we’ve really enjoyed building our own traditions and living out our family values in a way that wasn’t possible before homeschooling.  For example we make Halloween a little holiday without too much decadence, but we spend an entire week celebrating Easter.  When our kids were in school, the Halloween parties went on for 2 weeks and they had a Halloween vacation from school.  In contrast, they didn’t get any time off for Easter, and there were no Easter celebrations or even decorations at school.

   Better socialization, less unhealthy peer pressure and bullying.  Our kids no longer beg for video games we don’t want them to have or clothes we don’t like, or junky snacks they saw at school.  One of our children struggled socially in school, and his schoolmates were ruthlessly mean.  Despite a school anti-bullying policy and our best efforts to work with the teacher, nothing changed.  Last year he played alone on the playground everyday.  Now he’s organizing playground games at our homeschool co-op, and he’s smiling again.  No one has ever said an unkind word to him at our co-op, because every child is there with his or her own parent.  Our kids have plenty of time with friends, but without  the unhealthy peer pressure and bullying.
Research continues to show that homeschooled kids do well socially.  Our kids have no shortage of time with friends—each week they attend homeschool co-op, scouts, sports, dance, choir, piano, religious education and have plenty of time to play with neighborhood friends.  Add in the birthday parties and homeschool field trips, and we find ourselves having to decline activities so that we can get our homeschooling done!

girl meets world.

Since The Voice was starting and we wanted to be able to watch it at home, we hooked our tv up to the Dish.
Apparently we have had Dish tv the whole time we have lived in the house but didn't know it.... though that is probably a good thing.
I dont usually like to watch a whole lot of tv.
but every since we hooked it up, i have this urge to watch it ALL OF THE TIME!
(seriously, when G goes to work at night, sometimes i watch shows like extreme couponers and my strange addiction. and i dont even like those shows!)
We get MTV2.
And MTV2 shows Boy Meets World.
Did you know that when Mr. Fennny retired (before he came back out of retirement) he retired to Jackson Hole Wyoming? Because he did.
And i quizzed G on that and he knew the answer!
Anyway, there is a new spinoff show "Girl Meets World" and its about Corey and Topangas daughter.
i am so excited.

the voice

if youve been on facebook this week then you already now all about this and how excited/happy i am.

Midas Whale is going to be doing great things.
you just watch. (literally, watch the Voice.)

HERE is there NBC page.
and below is their full audition.

Midas Whale - The Voice Audition - (Week 1) - Video Dailymotion

oh and remember that time they played at our wedding...(naaaame dropping)

and holy moly how did i get blessed with such great and fun friends?

(i know i know i know, im looking the wrong way. i already got grief for it. my baad.)


i am currently paining my nails.
G and I scrapped the last of what was left of the previous color off during church today.
i see all of these cool/ fun/ pretty/ weird nail tutorials and things on pinterest and i think
"yeah, i could do that."
and then i  realize that no, in fact i can not do that.
dont have the patience for it.
i havent even painted my toe nails in over four months....

Soul Band

G is in a soul band.
And he has big hair.
If you are in Rexburg and you missed this show, i feel bad for you.
it was in the top 2 best shows at sammys rexburg that i have ever been to.
(the other one being To Russia's last show.)
this soul band is talented.
they had every one dancing and singing along.
i realized trying to record one of these shows is hard because i just wanted to dance the whole time.
it was just too much fun.

(the above three i stole from olivia schultz.)

The first video cuts out at the end because the camera died. but its still good.

I dont mean to...

i dont mean to post lots of pictures of myself but Melanie Smelcer took this today and i love it.
if you want some quality photos, go to this girl.
her focus is film and she is good at it.
this is just an instax photo, but shes good.

p.s my momma made that cowl and she is the bomb.

i got a cut.

today a guy said, and i quote
"hey bro!"
i assumed he wasnt talking to me so i kept walking.
and then he said 
"hey bro!" and touched my arm so i knew that he was talking to me.
"bro, i like your hair. it is soo rad!"
i was so confused.
 i am not his bro.
but thanks, bro.

Bowling Buddies

We have started bowling with our friends every Wednesday. 
The first week it was just a few of us and i scored a 29 for the whole game...
We said we were just a bunch of buddies who like to bowl.
We found a bowling pin trophy at the DI and that upped our game.
The next time i got a 92. 
142 the time after that.
a 42 this time....
but our buddies just keep coming. 
and it is sooo much fun!


dont tell G,
but while he was at soul band practice
i listened to the new justin timberlake album while i worked out...
and it was happy.
i was nervous because i am not a huge fan of the single suite & tie.
but really, JT can do no wrong so i dont know what i was worried about.


a tree full of baby bears.
happy tuesday.


i am soo tired lately.
all of the time.
and ive been eating too much junk
so i feel gross,
all of the time.
and ive been crying in my sleep a lot lately.
(i dont know why, because im not crying when im wake.)
which makes me even more tired when i wake up.

im ready for a break from school.
and to have my husband home at night.
and to go camping.
and swimming.
and ride bikes....

This article on ksl hurt my heart.

happy girl.

i got this globe lamp fromt the DI today for $1.50.
i cant stop starting at it in the dark.
i also got a hanging fruit basket.
i got the basket because some how i convinced my self that it would make my life easier...?

we went bowling and I got a 142.
that includes a turkey!
(which i just learned today is three stikes in a row! 
wam bam thank you mam!)
last week i bowled a 29.
i seriously thought about bowling every day this week and what i could do better.
and i guess it worked.
if only thats how it was with all things...

remember how i slipped today?
i forgot to mention that it was the first slip of the winter for me. and its the middle of march!!
(that is a record. i am the slipping queen.)
i also have a nice bruise forming on the left side of my body.

this man is so good to me.
marrying your best friend is the best idea ever.
it makes everything soo much easier.
here is to possibly switching to day shifts at the end of this semester...!


last night while G was at work i started watching the Bachelor.
dont judge me.
i missed having roommates so i thought this show would help with that.
and it sure did. girls are weird.

today i slipped for the first time this winter.
i dont know how it happened,
because 1. it all happened so fast.
2. there is NO ice or snow on the side walks....
im still trying to figure that all out.
(and by "slip" i mean slip, fall, roll, lay, jump up and be covered in dirt.)

did i tell you guys im going to be an aunt?
well, i have become an aunt through marriage
but my brother and his wife are having the first baby of our family
and i am sooooo excited.

now lets play a game of "I spy"
in this video i spy ryan and jon with my little eye!
Can you?


Do girls still read Sarah Plain and Tall?
Or Little House on the Prairie Books?
Do children still read books about families living on the frontier?
Do children still read?
(jk. kind of...)
Because these books are soo good!
Today I took a half day from school.
(im having head problems. not psychological. just physical. like massive migraines, weird pressure, and constant throbbing.)
 I went to work and then missed two classes, went to the city library, checked out the movie Sarah Plain and Tall and throughly enjoyed myself. and then back to class.
BUT it made me want to read these types of books all over again.
I forgot how great they are.
Summer reading maybe?
also, i got the movie Anaconda and i am so excited to watch it, although i can guarantee its going to give me nightmares.

jamin' in the car

a class mate said she saw G and I driving and jamming out.
she asked what we listen to in the car,
because it looked like we were having a really good time.
lately it has been this;

(try not to get funky to this one, dare you.)


im not trying to be a jerk or anything but i cant stop thinking about this.
this was posted on the facebook today.

"I got excepted into Columbia College's Masters in Arts Management program! I am so excited!"


this person is graduating college and going to get their masters degree and doesn't display the knowledge of knowing the difference between excepted and accepted. 

maybe it was a misstake? auto correct? who knows.

and i am no english expert.
i dont even like using capitalization (but i do know how to use it, promise.) and i rely on on spell check way more than any person should.
BUT this is just one example of things that scare me.
i have this habit of thinking about my generation and how dumb/lazy we can be. (myself included)
we do what we can to get by, to get the "A" and do as little as we can and hope for the best.
i think about the future and these people who are "just trying to get by" or just get the "A" and how they will perform in their own careers in the future. 
careers that will play a part in my own life and family. 
i think about how some of these people will become teachers who we will send our children out to be with in a classroom every day for hours.
that is scary. 
(and just children in general. not my children specifically. we will be enrolled in our very own RV/home school.)
and i know, i know, i knooooow
there are lots of smart people in this world. and this is just one person who probably just made a little mistake. 
but sitting in my classes, i see and hear things like this every day.
and it scares me.

by im also scared of the dark 

and have night mares about being tangled up in vines.
so what ever.

rant over.

saturday night.

we are speaking in church tomorrow.
so tonight has been dedicated to us working on our talks.
but all i can think about is hot tubs.
and hot springs.
and how badly i want to be in one of these.

we just had a conversation that went like this:
B: you know what we need?
G: what?
B: a hot tub.
G: okay.
G: and by okay, what i really mean is i ll fill the bathtub up for you and then i ll stick my head in and blow bubbles.


(G gave me a time limit to finish my talk by and i only have 9 minutes left. bye bye.)

life on the edge

i signed up for my last semester of  classes this morning at 6am...
but of course our internet wasn't working (which it always does, so i dont get why it didnt this morning.)
so i drove to campus and sat in the parking lot to use the internet.
i was so mad that i couldn't do this in the comfort of my bed that i almost left the house in my underwear. (luckily i caught myself.)
work and school all day.
meeting with a professor after class
on the phone with the IRS for one hour and ten minutes. (woof)
and then popcorn, a movie, and ice cream for dinner.

living life on the edge over here.

Growing up sucks.

G sent this to me the other day.

I can relate all too well.

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