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Aled Knows Best

I stumbled upon these:


These things describe how ive been feeling lately:

Also, there is a Tumbler called "Little Things" and it is a list of the little things we should appreciate in life.
here are my favorites.

oh Mamma

I got this beaut as an early Birthday present from my parents.
I will say it, I love her.
But I will also say, figuring out how to work her is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life.
It seriously took me HOURS to figure out how to even just put the foot down.
Everything is digital and complicated. (this coming from some one who cant even use the latest version of word.)
There are a bunch of different instruction manuals.
And i was just so excited to use it i didn't want to read them.
And then i got frustrated and decided to read one and stared at it for ten minutes before i realized it was in Spanish.
But no worries, i finally (kind of) figured out how to use it. 
and i am in love.
i will be sewing in my dreams.
there are so many projects I'm going to start working on!

Bird day

Like I have said before my own Birthday stresses me out.
So, with that said. If I were to have a Birthday party I would want one kind of like this. Except more whimsical, more dressing up, and more Tiger Lilly inspired decor:


Spring break is here. Therefore I get to read what ever I want.
My stack of "leisure reads"is so big. 
One week is not enough time.


Ive been going through the US National Archives' flickr and I found this set of photos by David Hiser called Documerica. This project was shot from 1971-1977. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.I love it so much.
And it makes me want to go to the grand canyon and explore the west so much. have i mentioned how much i want to go to the grand canyon?


This is what my room currently looks like:

BUT it does not always look like this. And no, I am not proud of this. But i have some excuses for it.
I'm trying to pack things to move, AGAIN.
This is the one part about college that i really don't like. I hate packing and loading and unloading and unpacking. But i love moving to new apartments. and finding a home for everything in my new room.
Also, life of a potential hoarder is hard. I have a lot of stuff. I know. But i am really trying hard to get rid of the unnecessary things. But i don't really know what those are.... Therefore I'm having a really hard time. I wish i could have some one come over and tell me what to get rid of like they do on the t.v. show. I mean, real life is just like reality t.v right?

April 6th

Today is the day the Church was organized.
Today is the day  Christ was born.
Today is the day I met  Ford Erickson one year ago.
Today is the last day of class for the semester.
Today i have said "taco"instead of "typo" three times on accident.
Today is a good day.
Today is the day.

How the West Was Won.

 Im ready for this time of the year again.


I want one.


Closing Social

"there will be food and guys."
This is the best flier i have ever received. It is for our FHE closing social.


Sometimes (and when i say sometimes i mean almost every day) weird things happen to me. Like, things that you think only happen in movies.
For example, today i had one of these experiences.
I was on campus, just walking to the library from the the Hart-ish building area. There was a girl in a wheel chair who looked like she was having a hard time. Me, feeling bad for her, decided to ask if she needed help. she was going up hill so i figured id just give her a little push. I asked if she needed help and she said yes. So i thought, cool, i get to do my service for the day. I asked her where she was going and she said to the Hinckley building. Ok, normally this would be no big deal. And it really wasnt. But, it kind of was...haha. Let me explain. I dont think i have ever pushed any one in a wheel chair until today. (expect for the few exceptions when we would play in the wheel chairs at the lion house, but that was just for fun and on a flat surface.) Let alone push them up hill. I did not realize how hard it was! I tried talking to her while pushing her up the hill, in 65 degree weather (which is HOT for Rexburg) while trying to breath. It was hard. But it felt good. The sun was shining, i was getting a work out, i was helping someone out. It was great. I only said a few awkward things like "you should consider getting an electric wheel chair." Any way. Long story short. I pushed her, what seemed to be a long way up the hill and when i got to the top where her destination was she stood up, folded the wheel chair up and said "thanks for the push."  I am pretty sure i stood there for a good ten seconds with a dumbfounded face. I think she could tell i was confused because she then explained that for one of her classes she had to have a disability for a day such as going blind, deaf, or being in a wheel chair. She said something to the effect of "didnt i tell you earlier?" And in response to her question, no she failed to mention that. Now, I am not complaing that I helped her and pushed her all the way up the hill.I am so glad i was able to help her. Im just saying, it was an odd feeling when i was finished. like she had cheated me or something.
Anyway. Service is great. "Service involves us in a process of growth. We learn how to be effective servants step by step over time, even as the mortal Savior’s youthful development was described as grace upon grace." I am glad i got to help her up the hill.

Things like this

How is it that things like this always happen to me? Does anybody elses' stuff break as much as mine does? i just don't get it.

zoom zoom zoom

Yesterday I put FireFox on Zoom X 3. This is a very nice setting. It allows me to not have to squint or put on my glasses. Today when I got on the computer at school, the first thing I did? Yes, Zoom X's 3. This is probably the greatest feature I have discovered in awhile. Though I do feel like a 60 year old lady when I do this.
Speaking of old ladies. I have watched An Affair to Remember 3 times this week. I just love that movie. I feel as if you just cant go wrong with Cary Grant.
I get to eat sugar today.
Someone took my Mr. Sock Monkey and left and ransom note. I really want him back already, but I'm stubborn and don't want who ever took him to know I care so much. I feel like they are just trying to get a rise out of me.
I have had three people tell me that I remind them of the way Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreations acts.
Im not sure how i feel about this. But when i find a video that doesnt make her seem so crazy, i will post it. but until then, im going to believe that i do not remind people of her.

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