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Muffin Man

Hahaha i might be 14 of the views on this video....
and disregard all of the mean comments posted under it. MuffinMan is a little crazy. but hes a good guy!

insult to unjury

As if everything happening in Japan right now isn't enough, now they are going to be wearing Crocs?
I am so sorry Japan. For everything.

Good IPod shuffel day

Here is just a little peak at how good (and random) my shuffle day was with my Ipod today:

Steamroller Blues-James Taylor
Punk Rawk Show-MxPx
No Sunlight-Death Cab For Cutie
The Fighting Reality of the Fact That We Will All Have to Grow Up and Settle Down Some Day-Moneen
Everything's Cool-Lit
Golly Sandra-Eisley
The Breeze-Dr. Dog
Apparition-Gatsbys American Dream
Micro Cuts-Muse
Goodbye-Greg Laswell
Seize the Day-Newsies
Let's Play Guitar in a Five Guitar Band-Minus the Bear
She's Always a Women-Billy Joel
Time Bomb- Rancid
Too Late- Goldfinger
Rocket Skates- Deftones


I started searching unicorns, and these are my findings.

Also, if you google image search "sea pigs" you get a really nasty picture of what i think is an animal...?


There is a new Broadway play about the Book of Mormon - created by the creators of South Park. With that said, you can tell that the play is obviously a mockery of the book.
When the LDS church was asked to give a statement regarding this new play, this is what they said:

"The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ."
And here is a good article. The Publicity Dilemma.  
On another note: i was told there were unicorns in the scriptures. So i did some research. And i found them in Job! Except, in Hebrew unicorn means buffalo. What a let down.


Realization #1. I like to organize things because it allows me to feel like i have some kind of control over some part of my life.
Realization #2. While working on my HUGE research paper I came across an article talking about "optimistic fatalist." These two words sum up my life.

disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
Fatalist: the acceptance of all things and events as inevitable
Basically, I hope for good things to happen but I have learned to be accepting of the fact that good things don't tend to happen for me. And I'm not being a negative Nancy or any thing. I have just realized that. And it sounds depressing, i know, but Ive come to terms with it and really its not that bad. 
Realization #3. I love other peoples birthday's but hate my own. I feel as if there is too much pressure, or something.  i don't really know what it is. I think id just rather shower other people with attention than be showered.
Realization #4. speaking of shower, i didn't shower today. I am one of those people who has to shower in the morning or I just don't feel like my self the rest of the day. Today i was feeling a little risky, there fore i did not shower.
Realization #5. I just want to play all of the time. Usually I'm pretty good at prioritizing and figuring out when things need to get done and when i can play. But man, this semester i just want to play ALL of the time. Its getting kind of annoying.
Realization #6. My attention span is getting worse. I use to be able to put a movie on and sit down and enjoy it from begging to finish. Lately, i watch it for 10, maybe 15 mins and start looking for the next thing to do.
Realization #7. I'm going to miss my little brudder too much when he leaves for his mission. Though I only see him once or twice a week, those times are probably my favorite and most looked forward to times of my whole week.
Realization #8. I love old people, animals, and babies. For some reason, and as bad as this sounds, i view these 3 categories as being the same...
Realization #9. When i like some thing, I like it. For example. Joe's filling station. I don't know why i like it so much, but after not going for a few weeks and then going to day, i realize how much i like it. Another example Old Money. I have literally listened to this album every day for the last 3 weeks. It makes me feel so American. Its great.
Realization #10. I'm sensitive. I'm a big baby. I feel too much. so what. i guess its better to feel something than nothing at all?
Realization #11. I hate conforming. It drives me nuts.

And I'm a Mormon

Lately I have been watching a lot of the Mormon videos. It has in a way become an addiction.
It all started with Paris Thomas. I knew him while living in Salt Lake and were pretty good friends.

And then I saw Jeff Decker:

And then Allan:

And in class today Rob:(so what if I cried a little when i saw this. im sensitive. get over it.)

Moral of the post:
I love Mormon adds. Ive literally watched all of the ones they have and constantly think of what I would say if I had my own "I'm a Mormon" add....

My bird day

Is coming up. Well, kind of. Its like a month away.
But I havent had sugar since February 28th. So ive had sweets and particularly peanut butter cups and cake on my mind as of late. So for my birthday i want this:
Ok whatever. I know the picture does not do it any justice at all, but it was all i could find. I want a Dairy Queen Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream cake. Oh momma. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. This is all i want for my birthday. Well, and a car but i thought i would be realistic this year.
I prob. sound like im turning 16 years old again. with the whole car thing...

They had a Anniversary.

The Fear of Missing Out

"[The Fear of Missing Out] is a great motivator of human behavior, and I think a crucial key to understanding social software, and why it works the way it does. Many people have studied the game mechanics that keep people collecting things (points, trophies, check-ins, mayorships, kudos). Others have studied how the neurochemistry that keeps us checking Facebook every five minutes is similar to the neurochemistry fueling addiction. Social media has made us even more aware of the things we are missing out on. You’re home alone, but watching your friends status updates tell of a great party happening somewhere. You are aware of more parties than ever before. And, like gym memberships, adding Bergman movies to your Netflix queue and piling up unread copies of the New Yorker, watching these feeds gives you a sense that you’re participating, not missing out, even when you are.”

For some reason

These images are killing me. I honestly do not know what is going on.



This Guy:

Had a Bird-day. He is just THE BEST dad I could ever ask for. And more. I love him so much and am so very thankful for him.
Happy Birthday Dad.

Is it time yet?

Coming soon to a city near me!!!

I want, i want, i want. Me Me Me

I want to go to the Grand Canyon SO badly.
I just read a book filled with over 300 pages worth of information about this Grand Canyon and all it has to offer. There is so much history, beauty, and nature to be enjoyed there.
I mean look at this:

I just want to go here SO bad.
So I've started to research it.
First off, it is 756 miles from Rexburg Idaho to the Grand Canyon.
Next, it would take 9 days and 10 hours to walk there. 
2 days and 17 hours on bicycle.
I have found bus and train routes there and back.
Flights that land near there.
And literally, hundreds of things to do and see while there.
I need to go.

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