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deep love happened, finally:

and so did finding faces in mountain sides, counting road construction cones, reading  trust falls into wet cement over moms shoulder, hearing "on the road again" sung over and over again- out off key and off beat, secretly holding my breath through the tunnels and wishing i had someone to poke in the ribs, and 14 hours packed in a small car with 4 other bodies.
but it was all so much fun.
and now it is halloween night.
i am eating takis and drinking dr. pepper, essentially creating a volcano in my stomach that i will later regret. 
tomorrow is our 7 months of dating and 9 days until the wedding...
what the what?
my thoughts exactly.

last night i got sick and it was not fun.
this morning i walked out the door at 6:45 and sunk my foot up to my ankle bone in snow.
i went to work, unlocked the doors for my coworkers, and then found a bench in a corner of the i-center and slept for 23 mins.
it felt so good.
until i had a dream that i was in trouble for sleeping on the bench and i was being dragged down the hall way as punishment.
tomorrow is my last day at work for 3 weeks
and i am so happy.
california, 80 degree weather, family, and wedding things; here i come.

its a Mississippi John Hurt kinda day.

the awful truth

    i like this song today.

three weeks.

just three more weeks.

and these guys are adorable.


lately i've been really interested in origami.
garrett was even nice enough to let us try folding paper for a date night!
(he's really gerat. and patient. seriously.)
i have quickly learned that origami is hard.
really hard.
but sometimes, i find my self folding paper instead of doing other things.
like homework.
or sleeping.
but im not any good at it.
at all.
and most of the time i dont even finish what i was trying to make.
but its fun any way.
i want to make this, but its really hard:

it's almost that time of the month...

you know,

(psst. this is my 500 post. that is neat.)

last night we laid in our fort
made some dang good nachos
drank watermelon jolley rancher soda
and watched moonrise kingdom.
i have the best life
with the best people in it.


fall time in rexburg makes me nostalgic for fall time in salt lake.
nostalgic for Les Madelenies carrot cake cookies.
and temple squares trees changing colors.
and 300 south's leaf filled streets.
the city library's fall decorations.
and the smells coming from of the lion house in the evening.
coffee shop talks with alyssa.
every thing.
some times i really miss that city and the souls that reside there.

this week seemed like it was never going to end.
but at last, it is friday.
treat yo self.

I don't know if its because i am getting old.
or because i dont pay attention to the media any more.
or because i am just not hip.
or if its because i just dont care.
what ever it is, i some how did not know what YOLO meant until a few feeks ago at church when i learned its meaning.
since then ive heard it soo many times.
at work. (3487928 X's a day)
walking around campus.
on the internet.
and then i heard a song by a man named Drake
(its a terrible song. dont listen to it.)
that is all about YOLO.
so if you're wondering what YOLO means, here you go
You Only Live Once.
But im sure you already knew that...

this is neat.

Matthew Brandit has a series of photos called "lakes and reservoirs" and they are neat.
"Color photographs that are soaked in the specific lake or reservoir water that they represent"

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