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i am sick.

this morning i put ground cumin in garretts oat meal instead of ground cinnamon.
and then i refused to eat any.
my bad...

on another note,
last night i dreamt that my friend who just started working at a hair salon dyed my hair green in order to match one of the colors in my unicorns mane.
she convinced me it looked really good, and then none of my friends or my husband would talk to me because it looked so bad.
and i lost my job
and got kicked out of school
and then my unicorn ran away.
life is tuff sometimes.

This is blowing my mind.

"Viewed at a magnification of over 250 times real life, tiny grains of sand are shown to be delicate, colourful structures as unique as snowflakes.
When seen well beyond the limits of human eyesight, the miniature particles are exposed as fragments of crystals, spiral fragments of shells and crumbs of volcanic rock."

Art Stuff.

Oliver Jeffers: A World With Coffee

shoveling the drive.

yesterday i shoveled the drive way.
growing up in California i never had to do this.
so this was my first time ever and holy moly

1. it was so much work!
2. i didnt know i could get so hot while its so cold out side.
3. i felt like i was doing it wrong the whole time and that every Idahoan that drove by was judging me.

though it was a good experience, i learned that i (most likely) never want to do this again.

puppy time.

i am no longer browsing craigslist (and every other job website in existence) for jobs
because garrett got one!
it is now dog browsing.
garrett will be working the grave yard shift just about every night starting in two weeks.
11pm- 6am. (woof)
which is ok for me, because then i will actually get to see him during the day.
but then again im not the one working all through the night.
(which, thinking about working a graveyard shift really messes with my mind.
when do you eat meals? do you eat breakfast at 10pm, lunch around 3am and dinner when you get home at 6am?)

but i have this thing where i always think "bad guys" are going to get me.
(i talk about this in my sleep.)
or that someone is trying to get into our house.

for example, there is a storage closet out side of our door (we live in the basement)
i ALWAYS make sure that door is closed, and we never open it.
But almost every time i walk past it its open!
i swore there was some one living in it and they would just forget to close it when they left.
garrett has confirmed that there is no one living in it, and it would be almost impossible for any one to live in it.
(apparently it opening  has something to do with the air pressure and the cold weather...?)
but point being,

i need a dog to catch the bad guys.

idaho has lots of labs.
and boxers.
but where are all the pugs?
and "mini" so and so's
and "teacup" yadda yads?
cause as much as i want a lab or a husky, i dont really want to travel with one of them.

if you find one of these dogs below, or any like unto them, you can let me know.
i want need one.


my husband gets up before the sun does in order to make me breakfast, warm up the car (it is dang cold), and take me to work by 7am.

this means more to me than any chocolate, flowers, or jewelry.
(in my case cake battered anything, succulents, and clothes)

too blessed to stress.


im getting 100+ views a day on this blog.
I dont know who you are because im pretty sure i only know of about 20 people who read this.
and its mainly for my mother so that she knows i am still alive.
but thanks?


Is it Friday yet?

sex ed.

In case you were wondering what some schools are now adopting as their resource for sex education programs, take a look.
(im not going to get political and tell you my opinions on the things they are teaching
but i will say that it is shocking.)

United Families International.

Here is to RV schooling our kids!
(if this makes no sense to you, stay tuned. im writing a paper on my dream situation of raising  our children which involves us homeschooling them on the road in an RV. weird. i know.)


Amy Poehler is really great.
All of her "Ask Amy" Videos have good things in them.
But I like this one.

three day weekends.

This weekend fleeew by

garrett got a job!
which means that i will now be home alone every night....
which also means that i can not watch X Files before bed because i did that last night and i had the worst nightmares ever.

sunday was football all day.
i didn't watch one minute of it, but the 49ers are going to the super bowl!
lets just say the men in my life are happy about that one.

yesterday we went on a mini road trip.
i wanted to see all of the little towns surrounding us.
and when i say little i mean little.
we went to Menan: population 741
                  Roberts: population 580
                  Mud Lake: population 358
it was such a beautiful drive.
and coming home from Mud Lake you could see the Tetons so clearly!
It was great.

pretty things.

waking up tired.

this is what i did all night in my dreams.

i woke up really tired.

papers papers papers.

this is how i've felt all day trying to write a paper.


when it is -11 degrees outside (and its 10:00 in the morning on a saturday)
life just feels better inside of a blanket fort.

can tan lines be in style already?

Work Hard.

This is one of my many motos for this semester.
I have a whoooole lot of credits, all 400 level classes.
I have work.
I have a really great husband.
I have lots of goals.
And I have lean in '13.
"Work Hard" is what keeps going through my mind.
That and "Just Breathe."
Because lately my skin feels really tight.
And all of my insides feel knotted and tangled.
but thats ok because (as i am learning in my family stress and coping class)
stress can be good. 
Though its going to be a hard one, this is going to be a good semester.

Energy Balls

Last night Garrett and I made these "Energy Balls."
ohh baby.
with the not eating sugar thing, these really fill that void.

They are made with oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract and we added rice crisppies and walnuts.

In the recipe given they used toasted coconut flakes and flaxseed but we didnt have either of those in our kitchen. But you could put what ever you want in them!

They make for a good, healthy snack. I highly recommend them.

New Year Goals

I am not one for "resolutions."
But I am very much a goal oriented person.
and resolutions and goals are the same things, right?
I am constantly setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
And this year is no different.
I view the beginning of a new year as a way to start fresh. 
To get back on track and start strong.
This year I have set some solid goals (printed out, framed, everything)
and then I will continue to have my added daily, weekly and monthly goals.
They are-

Eat Breakfast
Do Yoga
Run (at least) one mile
Family scriptures and prayer

Attend the temple
Have date night
Write in journal (this would be daily, but who am i kidding? im terrible at it.)

Stick to the budget
Put money into savings
Pay tithing

Finish the Book of Mormon as a family

Hold me to these.

We are back on our no sugar, no gluten, no diary, no meat diet.
(LEAN IN '13)
I want to try reaaally hard to be extra good at this. 
Which means, less cheating...
Green smoothies are now my breakfast of choice and luckily living with a yoga instructor makes my yoga goal a whole lot easier.

2013 is going to be a really good year. 
I can already smell it.
With family book club,  graduating in July, Elder DeLora coming home in July-ish, a trip to Guatemala being planned, moving from Rexburg and hopefully big things for Deep Love, and who knows what else will happen, I am excited for 2013.

New Years Eve

Every year our new years eve gets better and better.
Last year we wondered around Walmart

had a secret show with Corsair Wolves (RIP)

and ended the night with shot gunning soda and

 a group (2 people) shower.

This year we really stepped it up.
Here is a video to prove it.
(i swear i was in attendance for all of these events, i was just the camera girl.)
The only event i participated in was the barefoot snow run, and my toes are still tingling.

If you dont want to watch the video but are curious as to what we did, here ya go:
Shots of nacho cheese
Cereal eating contest
Barefoot snow run
water boarding...
shotgunning sodas
group (clothed) shower
group picture in front of the fire place
And of course Andrew W.K was the soundtrack to the whole night.
(and now you want to watch the video.)

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