its monday.
i had two test to take today.
and slept through my first class.
and ended up having to skip one class in order to take a test before the deadline.
after taking my test i went to exit the testing center and turn in my test and i went out the wrong door....!
i went out the emergency exit.
and the alarm went off.
and i was so embarrassed.
the testing center is all new and different and i am not used to it still. (obviously)
and i was looking down at my test and thinking about other things.
when you return your test there are two doors right next to each other.
one where you go to turn in your test
and the other that leads to out side and is the emergency exit.
so when i went through the wrong door and was standing out side with my test and the alarm sounding
i had a choice to make.
walk away really fast, hope no one noticed it was me, and forget about turning my test in and just get a zero on it.
or walk all the way around, back into the testing center, stand in line, explain that i was the one who went through the wrong door like a fool, turn in my test, and leave with my head high.
as much as i wanted to hide,
i did the later.
(though my head was not high)