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New Years Eve 2009-

This is what happens when you go home for Christmas and stay longer than every one else...
You sit at home on new years eve with your parents and dogs and watch Mama Mia.
P.S this was taken at 8:35 and were both just about asleep.
Loves it.
Twenty-Ten, BRING IT!


chek it out.
while in that movie this trailer came on.
looks sweet. in the way your mom says sweet.

Christmas time is here

Its that time of year again.
I flew into Orange County airport and hung out with Jess for a few days in Newport. Went to the Balboa Boat Show. Disney Land! which included (but not limited to) the fire works show and light show. AMAZING! truly one of the happiest places on earth. and its always fun to watch jess interact with kids. hahah Went to Hollywood and saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Broadway. Did a ton of shopping and had a good time.
Then headed home and have been chilling for almost 2 weeks. being home is never the same as it was growing up. but it has been loads of fun. Today we went to Yosemite National Park. Always a favorite. here are some pictures of the past weeks events. i ll post more later.

oh how time flys

I am leaving Salt Lake. This has been hard for me to accept, but my decision none the less. So at last, i shall return to BYU-I once more. and I'm pretty stoked about it.

and since I'm moving i had to have a last day at work. bitter sweet of course since Ive been there a year and a half and adore most of my coworkers.

and with the leaving comes the having to leave my boo boo kitty which is the hardest part. but, we will make it work and our friendship will prevail!

how can you not get up and dance to this?
lets just say ive had this song on repeat, and ive been dancing around my apartment to it for weeks now. we even got out our tamourines and congos and played along and had a fat dance party.
im obsessed.

i miss these days

Wait, no i dont. but i do miss this class and the fact the Mr. Price loved Ashlan and I.

listen to Monsters of folk.

my vinyl collection has been quite impressive lately ask me, i ll show you.
on another note, im going to miss this.

-Is it wrong that before I leave my apartment, I make sure that its in decent shape in case i get in an accident or die while I'm gone, i wont be embarrassed over the condition of my residence...

- i bought a new bike, and have only been able to ride it 3 times. and one of the times it was 50 degrees out side and my nose was dripping down my face the whole time. gross i know.

-I'm over group projects, and being the only American in my group, IE: the only one that speaks English fluently.

- these next three months in SL,UT are going to be rad.
ingrid, mirah, regina, imogen.
need i say more?

Today I love:

the fact that i have had a brand new beach cruiser sitting in my living room for 4 days, and cant figure out how to put the seat or handle bars on. (false, i do not love this)
that i really enjoy my job.

3 of my best girl friends are all getting married in the next 6 months. STUFF!

on another note....!

my good friend Peter showed this short film to me and ive watched it four times since. obviously i like it.

We watched this in one of my business classes.

at first it scared the crud out of me.
but then i just got really excited for the future.

i just bought this. and it will be here next week!
yes, i will be riding it everyday to school and work. 
yes, if you honk at me i will wave to you.
and yes i will continue to ride it until there is so much snow on the ground its just not possible to ride any more.

on another note:
there have been many instances in the past few days when i just wanted to say "WHATT?!?!" to a few homeless people, in response to their stares. (and i really dont know what there staring at. it baffles me.)
today on the way to school, one man was biting his finger nails. any time he would get a piece of nail off he would set in on his knee. when we got close to his stop for him to stand up and get off, he threw all of the finger nails he had been saving in his mouth. i just about threw up.
i no long have the patience to ride TRAX any more. i now walk, and soon bike every where again.

you can also call me an idea thief.

these are some of THE best cookies ever. they are carrot cake cookies and there making me fat and poor.
so today, i decided i wanted to try and make them. i think i figured out a legit recipe.
so at work to night i shall attempt them. (if i have time)

If you don't have a song
To sing you're okay
You know how to get along

If you don't have a date
Go out and sit on the lawn
And do nothing
'Cause it's just what you must do
Nobody does it anymore

No I don't believe in the wasting of time,
But I don't believe that I'm wasting mine

If you don't have a point to make
Don't sweat it
You'll make a sharp one being so kind
And I'd sure appreciate it
Everyone else's goal's to get big headed
Why should I follow that beat being that I'm
Better than fine

In the words of Margot Tenenbaum 
"Im in a rut and i need a change."

is it fall yet...?

i like fall for a few reasons. reasons i dont really feel like listing. but just know that
fall is going to be oh so good.

I'm a list person. i have to make lists all the time. but they have to be in my hand writing and lately they have to be on my "list" paper. I'm weird i know.

i saw paper heart. it was SO funny. i found my self drooling over Michael Cera the whole time. but i loved it. and you love it.

I woke up to day in a panic. i had a dream that i missed the first day of school. so when i woke up i though it was legit. i hurried out of bed and got ready and then realized that school doesn't start until next wed. i guess since I've been talking to friends who start school today, i subconsciously thought i did too.

oh sweet postman!

have you ever had a good mail day? well i had one the other day. i had a crappy long day at work and when i got to my mail box i debated even opening it because it being Tuesday, the weekly adds would be lingering in the box and i always feel bad just putting them in the recycling bag... but i did. i opened it. and inside patiently waiting was two netflix movies, a post card from mom over seas, this months Nylon mag. and a random check from work i was not expecting, and the Rachael Yamagata vinyl for her elephants album! what a good mail day.

yesterday i worked a double at work. i was there from 7am- 11pm it made for a long day. and THEN when i was walking home i almost got hit by a car. toats his fault. i had the signal to go. he honked at me all crazy. i pointed to the walk sign and smiled out of fear. and then continued on my walk home. though i make this sound casual, he stopped literally four feet away from me and if he wasn't in a newer Toyota I'm pretty sure i would have been hit.

three really good movies Ive seen recently:
Maude and Harold
Annie Hall
Paper Heart
all really good.

i watched S. Darko, a sequel to Donnie Darko....i didn't like it so much, and it was just as confusing as Donnie Darko. but i guess when your dealing with time travel how could it not be confusing?

Ive been very disappointed with stuff white peple like lately. i don't know if its the fact that i check it so often, that it feels like they NEVER post new ones, or what. but they need to start keeping it fresh.

today is the last day of finals. thank Buddha! i do not think it should be legal for there to be school during the summer. it doesn't even make sense to me.

Is it weird that i like to make my bed? I heard that making your bed in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. i agree. though I'm not sure what tone it sets...

I got asked today if i am a sixty-year old trapped in a 20 year old body. i don't know if this was intended to be a compliment or an insult. I'm going to go with compliment because the boy then asked me on a date. and hes cute. so even if it was an insult, i ll let it slide.

I have a twitchy eye. But not all the time. It mostly happens Sundays at church, Mon, Wed, & Fri, mornings between 7:30 and 9:20 when i have math, and Sat. nights when I'm working with odd people at night. Alyssa says it has something to do with stress. Church, math and work...i can see how that would be a stress issue.

I am currently in Anthropology class and there is a little Korean boy (OK hes not a "little" boy, but he looks like it) and he fell asleep during our movie and he keeps passing gas. and the stench is almost unbearable. and the worst part is hes sleeping so he doesn't even realize hes doing it. poor boy.

i just realized that people in salt lake city either smell really good or smell really bad. there is no middle ground on this one.

Sunday, oh Sunday

Sunday is such a weird day to me. i don't really have any where to go besides church. and if i do go any where i feel like I'm not supposed to be there because its Sunday. its an odd feeling

These make me laugh:

These make me fat(and its literally right around the corner from me. a little taste of France. its fabulous.:

This makes my heart melt. i want one. but i want it to stay this size.

i live next to an elderly home. so i see lots of these on a daily basis. my favorite is the old man who is over weight in the electric wheel chair. he sits out on the side walk in his chair a good part of the day and is always outside when im walking home from work. he always asks if i "want to raaaace?!" and then kind of scoots forward on his chair....

Things I Currently Love


Young Urban Mormons

I find it amusing, and very accurate.
500 Days of Summer/ Cutest on screen couple of the year:

I was SO excited to see this movie, and the fact that i saw it on student discount Tuesday only made it better. When I left the theater i had mixed feelings about the movie its self. ( because we all know i have a women crush on Zooey, so the actors wasn't the problem what so ever) This movie pulled at my heart during the whole film. i started to feel bi-polar. They had my emotions all over the place. So, that tells you there's good acting. In the end, i love this movie. Its one of those that i will probably go to when i want to be anti social on a Saturday night after work by myself.

Hands down, best place to get a Veggie Sandwich any day of the week. They put balsamic vinegar on their bread instead of mayo or what not. And its not necessarily the food that is so good, but rather the customer service, and the hot, older man Ryan, who always remembers how Alyssa and i like our orders. its just great.

I tend to go to DI at least three times a week. Lame i know. BUT, its right down the street from me, so its legit. They always have something i like (notice i didnt say need) and i always like a good deal. Alyssa and I volunteer at the one in welfare square. were pretty tight with the people that work there now... haha ok. maybe not. but we like to act like we are. We got to sort books yesterday. It was fun, minus the fact that i ended up with a whole stack to buy and i almost got tackled for an Andy Warhol art book. that was lame, because i lost.
M. Ward/ Gallivan Free Concert Series:
I can listen to M. Ward all day, every day. In fact i almost have. And im ok with it for now.
These shows are what got/ are getting me through the summer. I get one day off a week and that one day is the day i go to these shows. Jenny Lewis, bon iver, sonic youth, m. ward, iron & wine..just to name a few. (p.s. this picture is inaccurate, because i ALWAYS stand in the front row. i dont do this back row, cant see, business)
And lastly

Slow Train, The Green Ant & Misc. And Broadway SLC in General

These are all places i also go to on my day off before the concert. Slow train is basically my vinyl collection dream in one building. they have new artist, old, up and coming and even underground hip hop. its amazing. The green ant is a vintage and modern furniture with Misc., which is a vintage clothing shop. both uber amazing places if you like vintage/retro attire and furniture. Broadway gives you that feeling of serenity. you know the one when you wake up early, on your own. (by early i mean like 5:30 or 6:00 ish) and you walk down the street and your the only one around and the air is fresh and the sun is still coming up...yeah that feeling....


Apparently i'm not very good at this whole keeping up with the blog thing. 
Well since i last wrote alot has happened. so heres a little update.
visited jess in SoCal and had a BLAST
went home for some summer cookin and family time
and a wedding!
saw jenny lewis
bon iver
Human Highway
got stuck, while in the front row, in a mosh put.
saw the black keys
decided to cut my hairs off.
and then went and saw M. Ward. (amazzzing)
and might i add, i was in the front row for ALL of these shows and they were ALL free. yeeeah!

now i am counting down the days until school is over for the semester, just to start the count all over again.

Fag Party...


Being that i work at the famous Lion House (haha) we have a lot of parties and banquets that go on up stairs. today two elderly folks came in and said " we're here for the Fag party." Blaaah. i almost lost it. but instead, i kindly directed them upstairs and then busted a gut as soon as they were out of my presence.

Then, later on that night, i guess there was some sort of church banquet that i wasn't aware of. A coworker and i needed to run down stairs to get some things so we paged for the elevator.  when it came and we got on, there was a group of old guys and their wives in it. I threw them a smile just because, well  thats what i do. then one puts out his hand and says " hi, im elder so and so of the quorum of the twelve." and then the next guy, "hello. im elder so and so of the seventy" and this happened three more times. i say "elder so and so" because neither me or my coworker could remember any of their names when we got out of the elevator because of the shock we were both in . and i will say, non of them look like they do in their pictures or on tv. for example. Eyring comes through about once a week. He is a pretty handsome guy in person. Monson on the other hand, who i love, kind of looks like a penguin in person.... (and i see him 3 or four times a week in the parking area.) so today at work, were going to pull out a photo of all these church guys and try to figure out who we really met on that elevator.

basically. i love my job and the fact that i get to meet men who are far more spiritual than i. even if i dont know who they are.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

i have a hard time getting up on sundays. especially when its raining out side and all i want to do is curl up in bed, put some vinyl on, light some incense, and read a good book, with a cup of cider.
so thats what i did.

Not For the Faint

Long story short, i cut my pinky at work today.


i had to go to instant care because my guts were coming out. the instant care was pretty gnarley. and they didnt shut my little curtain dividing me from the creepy guy with the broken arm in the room next to me. so i casually threw the man a smile and shut the curtain very nonchalant. it was great.

Two and a half hours later I left with three stitches and the desire to never return to a instant care ever again.

Little Black Cloud


There is a joke in our family that mom and i have a little black cloud over our heads and just follows us every where we go.
Well, to make a long story short(ish) i had such a bad day today. and of course it was nothing big, just a bunch of little things.
well, get this. i was late to work. and im standing on the corner to cross the street. and i felt little drops on my arm. so i looked up (because it was way sunny out!) and low, and behold, there was LITERALLY a little black cloud right above me. and the guy standing on the corner with me was like "is it really just raining on us right now?" and i replied with a chukel, "sshhyeaah" and he started laughing and was like "this would only happen to me...its sunny and 80 degrees out and its raining just on the corner that im standing on." i wasnt even about to start to give him my life story of the little black cloud theory. or admit to the fact that it was probably only raining on him because i was standing next to

so this little black cloud theory, isnt a theory at all. i really do have a little black cloud over my head.

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