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New Years Eve 2009-

This is what happens when you go home for Christmas and stay longer than every one else...
You sit at home on new years eve with your parents and dogs and watch Mama Mia.
P.S this was taken at 8:35 and were both just about asleep.
Loves it.
Twenty-Ten, BRING IT!


chek it out.
while in that movie this trailer came on.
looks sweet. in the way your mom says sweet.

Christmas time is here

Its that time of year again.
I flew into Orange County airport and hung out with Jess for a few days in Newport. Went to the Balboa Boat Show. Disney Land! which included (but not limited to) the fire works show and light show. AMAZING! truly one of the happiest places on earth. and its always fun to watch jess interact with kids. hahah Went to Hollywood and saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas on Broadway. Did a ton of shopping and had a good time.
Then headed home and have been chilling for almost 2 weeks. being home is never the same as it was growing up. but it has been loads of fun. Today we went to Yosemite National Park. Always a favorite. here are some pictures of the past weeks events. i ll post more later.

oh how time flys

I am leaving Salt Lake. This has been hard for me to accept, but my decision none the less. So at last, i shall return to BYU-I once more. and I'm pretty stoked about it.

and since I'm moving i had to have a last day at work. bitter sweet of course since Ive been there a year and a half and adore most of my coworkers.

and with the leaving comes the having to leave my boo boo kitty which is the hardest part. but, we will make it work and our friendship will prevail!

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