We are the Sherwoods!
Garrett is He.
Brittany is She.
 Sal is our little pup.
And Jay is the kitty.

Graduated with a degree in political science.
Co-wrote a ghostly folk opera, Deep Love and co-created a Christmas program titled "Christmas Bells" in four weeks time.
Writes books of poetry.
Plays music.
Tells the best jokes.
Has long curly hair and a beard.
Plays brain games.
Works for a sticker company.
And takes us on adventures.

Studied marriage and family.
Worked for non-profits.
Now teaches preschool.
Loves to be out side.
Listens to Christmas music in June.
Falls asleep during movies.
Is addicted to sweets.
And constantly says "I'm not eating sweets any more" and then eats them the next day.

Sal Paradise:
Has been ours since he was 5 1/2 weeks old.
Was almost named Sly Stone.
Is so soft and fluffy.
Loves playing in the back yard.
Is learning how to sit, come, and stay.
Will do anything for a good time, including trek through mud and water. 
And loves sharing your pillow. 

Jay Gatsby:
We got him to keep Sal company during the day.
He is a curious little guy with a big heart.
He lets Sal chase him around the house.
Begs for food just like Sal.
Loves cuddling, especially in the morning.
And was on drugs (from surgery) when we first met him, and we didnt even know it. 

After being friends for years, a short courtship and what seemed like a long engagement (5 +months!)
we married November 10, 2012 and currently reside in Salt Lake City Utah where you can find us having adventures in the city and estate sale shopping on the weekends.