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Rexburg is treating me well.
cup cake cafe and frozen yogurt? yes please.

apparently im really short.

and amazon in bad for me.
they have $5 digital cds.
and movies for $0.60.
and books for $3.00
nuff said.

Salt Lake was way over due. but as odd as it sounds, it feels so good to be back in Rexburg.
I had such a good time with Alyssa and the boys, like always.

(and of course there is a story behind each of these photos. there fore your probably thinking, random.)

oh. and its ok to be jealous of my mickey mouse sweater from Disney Land Paris.
go ahead. drool over it.

and tomorrow:


but mostly the person on the left.

only in Idaho do you go to FHE and get a box of hash browns as the refreshments....

and sorry if your quoting this video for the next week.

Ive always had this thing about tucking in my shirt. i think it started in middle school when we had to wear uniforms and it was part of the dress code to tuck in your shirt.
so ever since then i have had, i guess you could call "hatred" against tucking my shirt in.
well, today i tucked in my shirt...and i liked it...!
i guess I'm really growing up.

i thought about going to give plasma to make some money here in the burg.
Ive done it before. and a few of my roommates go twice a week every week.
and then i remembered this:

this is what happened the last time i gave plasma.
i had to wear tank tops for three weeks because my arm was so swollen it wouldn't fit through the selves of my shirts.
so were going to stick with being poor, and not give plasma

Jana + Billy Engagement from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.

The Avett Brothers - The Ballad of Love and Hate, Live at Memorial Hall from Leon Godwin on Vimeo.

The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room, Live at Memorial Hall from Leon Godwin on Vimeo.

Alls' im sayin' is there BETTER be hot water running through our pipes at 7:30 tomorrow morning. baaah!
p.s. my roommate slipped five times on the way to school and back today. hahahahaha

Im not really ok with this...

but i guess i have a lack of options right now...

idaho is cold.
idaho is not the same as it was when i was here last.
idaho is not salt lake.

day one of having roommates after not having roommates for a year and a half
and these have already started appearing in the shower...

The Burg

im back in rexburg.
after an eventful trip from merced, to salt lake, to idaho. im here. with all of my stuff. in one trip.
lets just say, i am thankful for tender mercies.

on another note:
(actually part of the tender mercies...)
We rented a full size car.
after thinking about it on the plane, i realized a car wasnt going to cut it.
we were going to have to do at least 3 trips form salt lake to rexburg. uggh
the rental car place didnt have any more full size cars.
"Free up grade to a mini van?"
Yes please. =)

Dad was such a trooper.
He stayed with me all weekend and helped get settled in and left this morning.

hes staying in salt lake for the night so he walked form his hotel to temple square and sent me this.

oh how i miss salt lake already.

i found this on my camera...random.

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