I started reading The Art of Racing in the Rain.
My mom and sister both read it and highly recommended.
(We are dog people.)
I don't usually like reading/ watching about animals because they are usually really sad and make me cry.
Or they are all the same.
But this one is differnt!
It is told through the view of Enzo, the dog.
I am only a few chapters in but it is really good.
It has really made me think about animals, their views of people, and how big their hearts are.

And then today we took Sal to the vet.
He weighs a healthy 8.6 pounds now, up 3 pounds from 4 weeks ago.
The vet was doing the normal checks
but he kept checking Sals heart rate.
Like 6 times over.
It made me real nervous.
He then asked how much we paid for Sal.
That made me even more nervous.
(thinking that the vet was hoping we didnt pay too much because he wasnt going to last long or something)
And then the vet said
"Sal has a heart murmur."
I swear I felt my heart stop.
Though I didn't really know what that mean, it scared me.
I am proud to say that I held it together and did shed a tear!
He went onto explain how odd it was that he didn't hear it during our first two visits and that some dogs live a long time with it. And some don't. But if we keep Sal healthy he should be fine.
We just love this little dog so much.