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we're on vacation.

we're on vacation.
this means:

sleeping in.
junk food.
Walking Dead.
water slides.
lots of driving.
lots and lots of driving.
dentist appointments. =(
food cooked on the grill.
water mellon. <3 p="">hot weather.
reading books for fun (whaaaat? i can do that now that i'm not in school...?)
moo moos.
swimming pools.
ice cream cones.

vacation will come to an end as of Sunday.
but until then, that list above is on repeat.


when i think about last week and how busy it was with moving and school and jazz i think of the photo above.
it feels so good to be home.
and to be done with school.
im done with college.
now its to real life.
with a real job.
in a real city.
(well, not now now because we still have one more week of vacation time in california....)
here are some bits and pieces from home this past week.

The end, almost.

this past week has been crazy.
with trying to take my finals early, finish classes, clean and move out, and make it to California in time for the wedding family dinner- life has been crazy.
but we made it to california and dropped sal off with garrett's parents.
then made it to newport in time for the dinner.
family pictures on the beach the next day, setting up for the wedding,
the actual wedding, reception, clean up, sleep, drive to clovis, and now in merced.
i am going to try an finish up the last 7 assignments/tests i have today, that way i can finally feel like i am on vacation.
i feel like i have hardly had time to breath.

my parents house is a zoo, (4 dogs, 2 kittens, and chickens) and i love it.

Table Rock, round 2

we couldnt leave Idaho with out doing Table Rock one more time.
Garrett had never done it before so we did it today.
it rained some. was overcast. sunny.
and was a good hike with good friends.
this is one of those hikes that you curse the whole way up and down.
and you are left sore for days from it
but the view of the Tetons is so worth all of that.

(those little people in the middle are G & I)

The end is near. (photo overload.)

last night we had a bon fire at Sharon's.
one last hurrah if you will, though it certainly wont be the last.
today the soul band played at the international dance festival.
it rained some, but it was gerat.

Right after the soul band played, the poetry grand slam happened.
so many talented poets.
this week has been full of lasts.
and its making me so sad.
i may or may not have cried myself to sleep last night.
though we are still going to have these amazing friends, and were going to be back as much as we can, it will never be the same.
but i am so thankful for these times.

i know i say it a lot but
i am too blessed.

He's coming home!

Matt is coming home today!
I am so excited.
I've missed him so much.
Those people in Guatemala are going to be sad to see him leave.

A line a day

I am really bad a keeping a journal.
So ive been doing a line a day.
this was todays:
"8 months ago I said 'yes.' At this rate, forever is going to rock."

We got it!

We got the apartment we wanted and i couldnt be happier.
this is where we are in compared to down town, my job, and sugar house.
i am so excited about having hard wood floors.
but now we just need some rugs...

disco balls that plug into themselves.

today sal and i played in the backyard until we could play no more.
so we laid in the grass and looked at the trees.

And then i went to di and some how convinced that man at the drop off to trade me a disco ball for my bag of stuff.
but i cant figure out how to make it work...
it plugs into itself....?

so since i couldnt get it to work, i spun it around with my hand and Sal chased the lights all over the room.

day trip

On Saturday we got up early and headed to Salt Lake to find a place to live.
This has been so stressful for me.
With only being able to look online with websites like craigslist and KSL i wanted to find something when we were there so that we could see it, ask questions, explore the neighborhood and make sure we loved it in person.
I had been looking all week and had a good sized list ready to go and look at on saturday.
Right before I was about to shut the computer i thought "I should check craigslist one more time."
so i did.
and i found a 2 bedroom, one bath, in THE CUTTEST neighborhood, hard wood floors, pet friendly and in our price range.
So I called right away and made an appointment to see it first thing in the morning.
We got there a little bit early and drove around the neighborhood and fell in love.
It was full of old brick houses, every one of them having their own character, old church buildings with stained glass windoes, and literally, people out side of their homes shaking hands with neighbors, people on bikes, and families gardening in the front yard together.
As soon as we walked into the apartment (which is a four-plex) i had to have it.
So we filled out the application and put a deposite on it.
The only thing is, we wont know if we got it for sure until tomorrow.
Heres to hoping and praying we did!

So after that we went to get some lunch with Jon and Ryan and realized that if we get this apartment we will be a few blocks away.
which is perfect.
It is finally felling real that this is happening.

Date night.

For date night tonight we had snow cones for dinner.
i got my favorite flavor, wedding cake.

We went and saw Star Trek.
i liked it, except i didnt really know what was going on half the time.
but scotty was funny.
and then we took sal for a walk.
sure do love my little family.

sal has a tv problem.
i have known this for a while but i think it's getting worse, especially since we havent been watching much of anything.
i turned on Moonrise Kingdom and this is what he did:

man oh man.

I dont know how i got blessed with so many good people in my life.
fourth of july we started off with the rexburg parade with some friends.
garrett had work from 11:30-4 so while he was at work i stayed at the park with friends and
then did some home work.
Around 4:00 we headed out to Sharon Morgans on the river for lunch.
She has such a beautiful home and is an amazing women.

Mal and I played int he river with Sal, caught up with friends, and music was played.

Then some of us went to the rexburg rodeo.
the rodeo life is such a different world.
i think garrett was having culture shock.
i have hicks in my family so it was great fun to watch.
they had mini bulls that tiny kids would get on.
and they pasted money to calfs and had kids chase them for it.
we then went back to Sharon's for smores and more music. 
now that we are getting so close to leaving, it doesnt seem real and i dont want to leave.
(but i do. its confusing.)
but this 4th was a reaaaaaal good one.

Lunch Break

Some days you just really need to eat lunch in the park with your husband and puppy.
yesterday was one of those days


This past weekend went by so fast and was so jammed packed.
Friday we started off with dinner where Joe's filling station used to be (RIP)
and is now a taco place.

We then headed off to our first and last Chukars game of the season.

It was black out day so we got free shirts, and later some how ended up with free cups and a baseball.
We got home late and prepared for a garage sale that was happening on saturday.

So saturday I got up at 6:15 to get ready for said garage sale.
a friend is also moving and had a TON of stuff. 
as in two vans full.
so we sat out side from 7am-12pm in the 94 degree heat selling our junk.
I made off pretty good.

We then went to help set up for the Paul Bunyan Music festival put on by some friends.
At 3:00 Garrett and Mal played music together and it was so great, like always.

We enjoyed the rest of the bands and then at 6:30 Garrett played again with the soul band
The soul band is so much fun.
so much dancing and high energy to good music.
Sal danced with me the whole time.

Around 7:30 we went home, packed some bags, grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road for LA.
The Smelcers were so kind and took sal for a few days.

(and here is a photo Mel took of Sal at the music festival):

We arrived around 9:45 on Sunday morning.
Went to Jess's house
Garrett slept for awhile and jess and I hung out.
(i seriously have the best family in the world.)
Garrett did his thing
We grabbed dinner
some amazing italian ice with soft serve on top.
went to sleep 
and left the next morning.
14 hours back to idaho.
Garrett kept saying "Im not sleeping, im just resting."
ehh, pretty sure he was sleeping.

We got back to rexburg around 12:30am.
6:30 this morning it was back to work for me.
I have a feeling this is how our next two weeks are going to be.
but thats ok, because its only two weeks
and i can do anything for two weeks, right?

Proud Sal moment:
today Sal swam across the river all by himself!
and multiple times!

he is so much cuter dry.

the rest of the week looks like this:
Wed: class from 7:45-2, work from 2-6, and two test after that
Thur: 4th of july festivities
Fri: Climbing of Table Rock
Sat: Salt Lake to find a home
Sun: Last sunday teaching our primary kids. =(

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