i stole this from facebook.

I started this week out thinking "this is going to be a calm week."
I was so wrong.
School is gettin crazy. 
 I am trying my hardest to not quit my job.
I went in to the salon to get my hair redone, you know just brighten everything up.
but we tried using some new products and my hair ended up pink.
cotton candy pink.
(if i werent in school i would have been ok with it.)
so i was at the hair salon on tuesday until 11pm
and then again on wed until 12pm fixing it. 
Yesterday we went to a family in our wards house to tye dye and have dinner.
They were PROS. 
It was so much fun.
We did pillow cases and shirts this time.
And then we had the poetry slam.
Garrett was the feature reader and it was really great to hear him read some of his poetry.
he hasn't done that in awhile.
On Wednesday we realized we had exactly 5 weeks left in this town.
bitter, sweet.