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My lil bro is SO rad:

Hes (almost) all grown up!
photo credit: melanie meik.

I have allergies and they are kicking my but this weekend. Sun until Wednesday and then snow on Thursday. Whhhy Rexburg, WHY?!?
I just went on a long bike ride and now it hurts to sit. These two are savages when it come to bike riding.

Every day, I think I'm becoming a little bit more ridiculous.
Oh, and I want this. But this doesn't count as me being ridiculous, I really do want this.

oh mother.

" I would do anything to see my kids. We'll not anything. I wouldn't get on a ski lift again. That was scary."

You can call me Aaron Burr from the way I'm droppin’ Hamiltons.

Watch it. Love it.

proud older sister

Hes number 11
fav part: last 25 seconds

Its official

Their gone.

 Pastes review on Dr. Dog
"Philadelphia quintet is like beating up the neighborhood kids who spend all summer riding bikes and building forts—you may feel older and wiser, but who’s having a better time than them?"

Idaho in April

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth while,        100
After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets,
After the novels, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor—
And this, and so much more?—
It is impossible to say just what I mean!
But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen:        105
Would it have been worth while
If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
And turning toward the window, should say:
  “That is not it at all,
  That is not what I meant, at all.”

you know that day when you realize your turning into your mother?

that day was today... and luckily, my mom is pretty rad.



Your (i'm) gonna miss this

The end of the semester is winding down.

were like a dynamic trio. 

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