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how can you not get up and dance to this?
lets just say ive had this song on repeat, and ive been dancing around my apartment to it for weeks now. we even got out our tamourines and congos and played along and had a fat dance party.
im obsessed.

i miss these days

Wait, no i dont. but i do miss this class and the fact the Mr. Price loved Ashlan and I.

listen to Monsters of folk.

my vinyl collection has been quite impressive lately ask me, i ll show you.
on another note, im going to miss this.

-Is it wrong that before I leave my apartment, I make sure that its in decent shape in case i get in an accident or die while I'm gone, i wont be embarrassed over the condition of my residence...

- i bought a new bike, and have only been able to ride it 3 times. and one of the times it was 50 degrees out side and my nose was dripping down my face the whole time. gross i know.

-I'm over group projects, and being the only American in my group, IE: the only one that speaks English fluently.

- these next three months in SL,UT are going to be rad.
ingrid, mirah, regina, imogen.
need i say more?

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