I have been hired for a post graduation job.
And it is a job that has to do with what I am getting my degree in.....!!!!!!
I applied for one job, and ended up getting a different, better job.
So I will be a VISTA for AmeriCorps working with the United Way and a new program they have created called Help Me Grow Utah. (HMGU)
VISTA is an anti-poverty program and is the domestic version of the Peace Corps.
I will be working with the Granite School district ( i will even be "put up" in the district office!) and working with the community and community leaders to help families in poverty find the resources available to them.
Salt Lake has the highest poverty rate in the state of Utah (which makes sense)
and about 90% of the students families that attend the schools in the school district are on some kind of government program.
I am so excited to be involved with this!
I will be doing lots of different things like event planning, research, community out reach, presentations and classes and many other things involving the community and helping families.
I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity and I am so excited to get started!

now we just need to find a place to live...