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Bring on the Nostalgia.

these cute kids are getting married in less than 2 weeks
They will be getting married here:

Which means VEGAS baby!


San Francisco for the day to visit the MOMA and see Brand New. This day went down in History. (and mat had a lot more fun then he looks like he did in the pics.)

Hilmar Cheese Factory (same day we all went to the Modesto mall and got manicures, including Cam, and the Asian lady charged Kels more then she charged the rest of us, and we didn't have enough money to pay for it, so Cam went and asked people in the mall for change. haha EPIC)

Picnics and times at the park

In conclusion, I am excited for the weekend of March 13, 2010.

this is what we do in our apartment for fun...

this isnt as scary as my face makes it seem.

mattress slide. (I'm not weird, the tights make it slicker so i go faster, duh)

My life rocks.

when saying that my life rocks, there is a tad of sarcasm in there.
today Melanie and i went for a little walk. on the way home, a truck drove through a really big slush puddle and soaked me in dirty water. it was great. false. it really wasn't.
mid-terms are this week.
I'm scared.
I'm ready for spring. i tried getting my bike out to ride it because the sun was out, i learned real fast that though the sun may be out in Rexburg in February, its still 25 degrees out side. lame. and my bike has a flat. which i don't quite understand...?
this brought a little tear to my eye. but just a little one.

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