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what's good?

i need to follow this advice.

it's interesting the things that don't phases me vs. the things that get to me lately.
the big stresses seem to just make me laugh 
while the things that dont matter make me break down and cry.
i dont get it.

also, isnt it funny that we tend to say "whats wrong?" and rarely
"what's good?"

i've been trying to wrap my mind around this all morning:

i'm really liking these prints by Jason LaFerrera:

good things

do you ever think about how good things happen?
i do.
a lot.
some times things just happen.
some times you have to work for them.
but how they start is interesting to me.
for example: a good day for me usually starts with a good breakfast.
this is how one of the best things that ever happened to me started:
"i've been thinking about this. it kind of bums me out that a person like you and a person like me aren't better friends. what kind of world is this anyway?"
boom baby. 
he had me at "i've been thinking."

Bugs and things

if i could do it all over again (you know, school)
i would deeply consider mycology or entomology or even something like mineralogy or botany, more specifically bryology.
we went on a hike yesterday to our favorite spot, the "two water falls."
(i dont know what its really called)
and my senses were going crazy.
ive been there during the summer, but i think since the seasons are changing, there were different things to see this time around.
bright green and orange moss, caterpillars, mushrooms, colored leaves, berries (teal ones even!) etc.
it was great.
so since im not studying any of the above mentioned things in school, i ll just keep studying them on my own.
because they are so fascinating.
mean while i need these:

happy sunday.

i really like sundays.
for many reasons.
 one of them being its a day for me to start a fresh week with new goals.
its also the day before Monday, which is when we hear from this guy:

this morning when i left the house there was frost on the roof tops and the grass....
frost is ice.
ice is cold.
a little bit of ice leads to a lot of ice.
i realized that i have got to get my last dosage of swimming, warm bike rides, hiking, running out side, and watermelon in asap.
fall is coming.
which means summer is ending.
which means winter isnt too far behind.
(speaking of woof, did you know the worlds tallest dog is 44 inches from paw to shoulder and stretches over 7 feet long?....i am 60 ish inches. that dog can stand on two legs and be taller than me...)

these vides by Olive Us are perfectly french.
& i love them so much.

I don't mean to talk about marriage and stuff
but it IS what Im studying in school.
and well, I am getting married in two months.
But regardless of either one of these things this talk is solid.

"If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently."

i tend to have a lot of down time at work.
(not as much now as before, but still some)
i've been trying to keep busy learning new skills and just "new" things in general.
this is my newest past time:
(patterns are on their way. ahhh yeah)

2 months.


the past two weeks have been pure bliss.

i cant even start to explain how happy i have been. 
so im not going to try.
i will say two things;
one: being on the road is one of my favorite things in the world 
(so much so i have been a tad depressed being back on still ground) 
and being on the road with some one you love, visiting other people you love is great. we are both blessed with amazing families who treat us so well.
 (and feed us way too much good food)

two: going back to reality is hard. real hard. so hard i had to skip work to mope over the fact that i am going back to reality.

but none the less, we are back.
back to work, back to school, back to roommates, back to reality.

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