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oh, hi.

is this thing still on?

honestly, i completely forgot about this little blog.
here's the scoop:

we've been to idaho A LOT lately. (the photo above was taken by a friend the last time we were up there)
i got a new job. i now work for head start. i am so happy with this switch in jobs thus far.
and BONUS: i get summers off. boom. how could i not take the job?
i also had other good news, but im going to be vague and leave it at that.
garrett starts grad school on friday!!
deep love has 10 days left on their kickstarter. give them your money. please?
jared, jessica and baby james moved to provo!!!!!!!
mom, dad, and matt came for a visit.
and then mom and matt came for another visit.
ive been reading lots of good books lately: A Walk In the Woods, Off the Road, Z: A Story of Zelda Fitzgerald, im currently reading Lady Sings the Blues, an autobiography by Billie Holiday that is spectacular and heart breaking in every way.
weve been binge watching the tv show the killing. so good.
and garrett keeps laughing at me for this (though im not sure why) but i cleaned out my closet. and by cleaned out my closet i mean i got rid of 90% of the clothes i own. i want a simpler life and a simpler lifestyle. with that comes owning less things so that less things own me.
woof. now that it is 9:00pm i will proceed to my bed with my book and a bowl of cantaloupe.

Deep Love Kick Starter

Well, its that time of the year again. DEEP LOVE SEASON!!!!
This year there are only TWO shows, one in Salt Lake and one in Idaho Falls.
BUT the Deep Love team is hitting the road and heading to Eugene Oregon to be apart of the North West Arts Festival where they will have a chance to perform in front of booking agents.
So, in order to get the team there, they have a kickstarter to raise money. BUT the cool thing about kickstarter is that you get something for the money. CD, DVD, song book, t-shirt, ghost hunt in SLC with Ryan Hayes,  pep talk from Ford Erickson, a 15 minute opera written on any topic by Ryan and Garrett, etc, etc. With this, you get what you pay for AND you help Deep Love get to bigger places.

So, watch the video above and then click HERE and give them your money.
k. thanx.

oh, and here is one of my new favorite songs from the show (it was added last season.)

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