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today is our last sunday of winter 2010 together as an apartment in 312.
bitter sweet.

one and a half weeks left of the semester.
three take home test.
one 5 minute video presentation.
one PowerPoint presentation
one excel calculator (&i still don't know how to use excel.)
one in class 100 questions in an hour Economics test.
25 days until mom comes to visit
27 days until i am 21

Gosh, I love this time of the year. Spring is in the air. My bike is fixed. The sun is out. Winter semester is almost over. Life is good. (minus the fact that my grades arent looking too hot)
I really love Rexburg. At first I wasnt ok with this. But now, I love it.
All I want to do now is ride my bike, drink horchata, and play in the sun.

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for Kelsey Lee (now Willman) and Ryan Willmans wedding. The couple was beautiful. The wedding was Beautiful. The love was beautiful. Oh how I love love. I ll let the photos say the rest.

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