This week has been ridiculous.
it is a good thing that G and I have a sense of humor.
im not going to bore you with the details of all the car problems we have had since being backed into.
because frankly i might start crying out of stress.
and it's awkward for every one involved when there are tears.
so lets talk about other things.
like the weather!

it is in the 90's for as far as the weather forecast goes!!!
And that brings me so much joy.
so of course this means time at the warm slough!

(Sal likes to adventure too much so we have to put his leash around our ankle when we want to read so that he doesn't run off. he gets a 4 foot radius and surprisingly doesn't mind too much.)

last night we went to put fliers on apartment doors for the Paul Bunyan Music festival and got home around 1:15am
and our door knob was broken.
it would turn but that was it.
it was so frustrating to have a key in your hand and the door not open.
luckily the night before we slept with the window open.
so i was able to pry the screen off and climb in.

today i did a presentation on "working from home"
totally just made things up while i was up there and got 100%.
thaaaank you.

And if you have not had a Mega Smarties sucker
you have not lived to the fullest.
they are SO good.
and at Broulims right now they are 2/89 cents.
i ll take 6 thank you (and will be back for more.)