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lava hot springs.
hires big h in salt lake.
vacationed in Pocatello.
Thought alot.
Talked alot.
Spent lots of time with a good friend.
and had the best time of my life.
i am a happy girl.
i am a lucky girl.


Sometimes I think the only solace of adulthood is eating ice cream for breakfast.

This is magical:

Acquaintance Card:
Acquaintance cards are cards which ladies and gentleman looking for love used in the 1870s and 1880s. Consider it the 19th century version of a "poke" -- except it was probably less creepy - I mean, who else uses the Facebook Poke function besides creeps...?



i need to figure out exactly what i want out of life.
 i need to do something about something.
 i am an adult and should start acting like it.
 i need to just get things done.
none of these things are clear at all.

Its you know,

One of "those" days. 

i ate moldy bread.
threw up because of the fear of what could happen to me because of the moldy bread.
set the fire alarm off by just boiling water.
electrocuted myself while plugging in my computer that is acting craaaay-zay. 
got my hours cut at work due to high school kiddies.

(im being a baby. just let me.)

i found the vehicle of my dreams today.
i would someday like  to know what "one of those days"really means.
and meet the jerk who invented them
Also, i would really like to meet "they"
as in "you know what they say."
i just think itd be really cool. 

I like to make things ALOT harder than they need to be. False. I do not like this, but im really good at it.

neon bible

I kind of ( and when i say kind of i mean i REALLY REALLY REALLY) want to live in a teepee.
Just sayin. I think it would be pretty rad.

Plus, i have "stuff issues." I have too much of it. and i know it. but i have a problem doing something about it. 
If i lived in a teepee, i wouldn't have this prob because there is no room for it.

what i really want

is to just help people. that is all.

Love it.

Jenny and Johnny

I just love them.


I am the best at taking my camera every where i go.
I am the worst at remembering to use my camera every where i go.

We went to Lava hot springs, Pocatello for THE best Indian food i've ever had, and a metal show featuring Every Time I Die.

I like trips.
Day trips or long trips.

I watched 500 Days of Summer twice last night.
It think i really like that movie.

I also really like Drew Danburry and listening to him while reading books on a blanket in the grass.

(Sad) Realizations

I have come to find out a few things about my self this past week:

I love food, but the foods i love the most hate me.
I love working, but i hate going to work.
I'd rather ride my bike all day then do most anything else.
Sometimes, my priorities are screwed up. like really messed up.
Im content with where im going in life.
I listen to the same bands way too much. Variety is the spice of life....?
I sometimes want people to be a lot happier than they want to be themselves.
I either ask too many questions or not enough. theres no in between on this one.
I like to torture my self by looking at things i cant have.
I have obscure ideas of "fun."
Im greedy and i want a lot more out of life.

Also. the main thoughts going through my head this week:
Winnebago's, road trips, puppies, 7-11 slurpees, Winnebago's, bikes, Winnebago's, mom and matt coming! and Winnebago's.

What do I want most in life right now you ask?
Oh, well let me tell you!



A grand ol time.

That is it. That is all i want right now.

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