ever since the weather starting to get nice (last week) ive been noticing my lack of girl friends.
i have lots of guy friends.
lately i just want to go to the warm slough and hang out with my girls while G is at work.
except, i dont really have any anymore.
i used to do that kind of stuff with my guy friends, but now that im married that would be weird.

or window shopping.
ive been doing that by myself lately and its not as fun as when you have someone else there with you.
most days i am ok with not having many good girl friends any more,
but lately i am not liking it.

dont get me wrong though, i still have some really good girl friends.
they just live far away, are married, or engaged so i can't just hang out with them whenever.
but i sure do love them.

ive also been thinking a lot about making friends.
come september i am going to have to make all new friends.
this is scary to me.
and strange to think about.
thank goodness i have sal and garrett.