Before this weekend comes i figured id tell you about last weekend.
It was a busy weekend.
But the good kind of busy.
The kind where all of your friends invite you to do differnt things and you want to do them all but cant.
After camping G slept (because apparently sleeping with out a sleeping bag is cold. idk, i was in my sleeping bag.)
I did home work and a test.
We went to a BBQ at the park with some friends.
Wanted to go to a kabob party with some other friends
but ended up in IF.
So we went to see the Great Gatsby and Perkins after wards with some really great friends.
I have been waiting SO long for it to come out.
Remember how the release date got pushed back?
we saw it.
And I really loved it.
I was worried I wouldnt like it because it is one of my favorite books.
But i was pleasantly surprised.  
It was fabulous.
I wanted to read the book once more before we went to the movie but i couldnt find my copy.
So we ordered a new one and I plan on reading it this weekend.
I highly suggest the book and the movie.
And the music.
The music is so great.
the end.