I have been asking G if we could go camping since November.
And now we can!
Rexburg is now in the mid- 70's during the day and low 40's at night.
Yesterday I got done with school by 2:00.
We packed up the car and headed for the warm slough.
We set up camp, made Sal swim in the water and relaxed in the sun.
I then left Sal and G at the river and went to work at Ying Yangs.
Around 9:30 I headed back to the warm slough and all of our friends were there!
We had a camp fire, foil dinners, and a good time.
Around mid night most people headed out and G, Sal and I headed for our tent.
We also had Ford neighboring us in his tent out there.
It was a good time.
I am so excited that it is now warm.
G made his work schedual so that he has every Friday and Saturday off.
(which means he works Sundays from 4-11, but thats ok.)
I am planning on camping every Friday night.
Just watch me.