G really knows how to pick me up mid week.

I am exhausted.
I think Garrett said it best when he said,
"This semester is going to be full of long weeks and short weekends."
19 credits.
20 hours of work on campus.
Friday nights as a waitress at Ying Yangs.
Trying to maintain a semi-clean and presentable home.
Lots of assigned busy work for classes.
And trying to play outside as much as possible
And still enjoy my happy life with G and Sal.
I just keep telling myself "It's almost Friday."
and "This is the last time you will ever have to do this."
As much as I don't want this semester to be over because that means we will be leaving our best-est friends and this bitty town that I've come to love so much, I just want it to be the end of July already.
Thank goodness I have this man and our parrot dog.
(and though I probably made my life sound terrible above, don't worry. it's not. i am a happy girl with so much to be thankful for.)