i was so grumpy/irritated today.
im not going to even start to tell you about all of the bad/negative/annoying/frustrating things that have happenend to me today.
but i will tell you about one thing.

there is a fake rock in front of Frontier Pies.
it is "hidden" amongst some real rocks.
every day on my walk home from school i see this fake rock.
ive been wondering why it is there.
is it hiding something?
is the extra key to Frontier Pies in it?
who knows!?
I have mentioned this rock to G before and commented on how badly i wanted to see what was under it.

today on my way home, being grumpy and in the "i'm going to do what i want" mood, i saw this rock as usual.
i didnt even think twice and i walked right over to that rock,
bent down to give it a good push to flip it over
and i heard someone say "M'am."
lo and behold, Rexburgs finest was standing behind me with his lights flashing.
he asked me what i was doing.
the only thing i could think of to say was
"flipping this rock."
 i tried explaining that i just wanted to see what it was hiding, but quickly realized that no matter what i said, i wouldn't make much sense.
i aplogized.
he told me to leave the rock alone.
and i finished my walk home.

i still do not know what is under that rock.
but don't worry.
i am no longer grumpy.
if you know what that rock is all about, please dont tell me.
i need to discover it for myself.