I woke up last night to G holding a cup of water over me.
Apparently I told him I had rocks in my throat and needed a drink of water?
And I woke up right when he was about to hand it to me.

Sleep Brittany is getting out of control.
G tells me stories about everything we talk about while im sleep talking.
And we have like 30 minute conversations that I can't remember even having.
One of these nights I'm going to get myself into some trouble.
Like last night when I was talking about bad guys getting me and he said they weren't going to get me and asked if I knew why.
My answer was because Sal would protect me.
Apparently the right anwer was because G would protect me.
I also didn't know where we got married, but i knew it was on 11/10/12.
I think sleep Brittany mainly comes out when I am stressed.
Looks like were going to have an extra personality hanging around the house until this semester is over...