(This is what I am trying to remember. Espcailly never be lazy, beecause lately i just want to sleep all of the time.)

Sal does this thing where he gets so tired that instead of jumping off of the couch to sleep on the floor,
he flops off and sleeps where ever he lands. (He is getting so big and smart! He is already at least 3X's the size he was when we first got him!And he is only 8 1/2 weeks old!)

I do this thing (sometimes) where I cry in my sleep and say silly things, and then G tells me about it the next day.

G does this thing where he watches his computer during fantasy baseball season,  and though I do not know what is going on on the screen, it makes him happy and that makes me happy.
He also does this thing where he trains Sal to sit, stay, come, and go to his bed. And he's really good at it.

We gave the opening and closing prayers in Sacrament Meeting today.
Can I just say I hate doing that. I don't hate the praying part.
I hate the nervous that come while your waiting to say it, and how blank my mind goes when I get up there in front of every one to say it, and how sometimes I say things and think "what did I just say?"

I made a count down of how many more school days are left (not including holidays, weekends, or the two days of finals week.)
53 baby.

And can I vent about graduation and finals week for this semester?
Graduation is on a Tuesday.
Finals are Monday and Tuesday.
Technically my last final is Tuesday morning at 11.
And graduation is that night...
What ever happened to the semester ending with the weekend?
Luckily I am not planning on walking and all of that jazz but I find it really silly.

Sometimes I watch Mad Men on mute just to look at the costumes.

G works Sundays from 3:45-11:00pm.
I am bored.