I have been having a lot of grumpy days lately.
and i am not proud of this.
i think i (almost) bit off more than i can chew this semester.
its just soo busy with school, work, family, home work etc.
and i am tired all of the time.
on Friday at school i was thinking about every thing that had happened that day.
and it was only 10am:

Sal had what we call a "blow out" when this happens to babies and they have diapers.
except Sal doesn't have a diaper....
(it was gross so im not going to go into details, but poo every where.)
I think he was embarrassed by this because when I took some things to the trash he darted down the street.
and he never runs that far.
so i chased him barefoot in the rain down the block.
And then i walked to school in the rain.
And got 3 blisters.
And forgot my homework at home
work has been annoying (this is the best way to put it with out being mean.)...

And then i thought about the morning before.
when G was getting an allergy pill out for him self and put one on the counter for me and said
"youre going to need this."
And I remebered how lucky i am.
and though him getting an allergy pill for me is silly and small
i kept thinking,
"man, he's got my back. he really loves me. i am the luckiest"

so from here on out, im thinking good thoughts. 
because my life is good.
and July 19th will be here before I know it.