our days have been long.
with short nights.
very short nights.
being an adult is starting to wear on me.
but i guess its good for us since, well you know, were going to be adults for a looong time.
we are blessed with good jobs , and shoot my job is even fulfilling.
(how could it not be when im helping families all day?)
we have families that love us.
animals that adore us.
(at this rate we will have a zoo by Christmas. come visit us, free of admission)
a nice home to lay our heads down in.
we live in a magical city that has adventures waiting for us.
our friends would do anything for us (and us them)
we get to attend a ward where we are needed. (you know how good it feels to be needed.)
we are going strong on not eating gluten, even though it is my weakness.
and you know,
i am in love with my life.
every. single. minute.