i realize, as im sure you have too, that our animals rule our lives.
but what ever. we love them so much.
and they are entertaining and loads of fun to have around.
so im just going to keep talking about them and posting pictures.

we got jay to keep sal company during the day.
and through sal looooves to chase him around 
and jay encourages the chasing sometimes/most of the time.
they really are becoming buds.

when we leave the house in the morning we shut all of the doors and let the animals roam around freely.
we even block off the bedroom door sometimes because our apartment is old and you can just push lightly on the door and it opens.
usually when we get home from work both animals run to the door to greet us

well, the other day we came home and the house was quite.
no animals around
all of the doors were still shut
and i swear i thought someone had stolen our animals.
garrett opened the bedroom door and sal stood up on the bed with a look on his face like 
"oh, your home...?"
as jay slowly crawled out from under the bed and stretched.

these two are having all sorts of adventures together, snuggle up together, drink out of the same dish at the same time
and sal has less anxiety about us being gone during the day.
but he is still just as excited to see us when we get home.
(and garrett looooooves jay so much. i didnt realize he liked cats. and i dont think he did either.)

i sometimes think that jay is starting to pick up some of sals habits
and is starting to act more like a dog than a cat...

when we first got jay, sal started to "act out" as we would say in my field of work.
he was like a jealous older brother.
which means sal spent a lot of time in his box.

in his what?
when sal was just a lil guy and would do bad things no matter what we did, it seemed like he still didnt care.
you could pick him up by his scruff and scold him and his tail would still be wagging.
and we didnt want to hit him or anything like that.
so the vet suggested putting a box over him.
his breed has really bad anxiety and doesnt like to be alone.
so when he's in the box one, he's all alone.
and two, he cant see what we are doing and it drives him crazy.

well, since he was acting out and spending more time in the box it got to the point where when he did something he knew he wasnt supposed to do like stick is face in the kitty litter or pin jay down until he was meowing really loud, as soon as i would say "SAL!" he would head straight to his box.
and since he couldnt get the box over his head by himself, he just lays in it.
we sure do love these little guys.
i am so glad i married a man who loves animals.
so glad.