I thought once we got internet I would be better at updating this little blog. (for my mothers sake if not for anything else.)
I've just been so busy with work, trying to keep my house put together, and having fun with my little family.
But I am now recommitting myself.
Here are some highlights for the past few weeks:

When we got internet, one of the first things we did, besides purchase car insurance, was re-watch the first half of season 5 of Breaking Bad.
This is Garrett sitting on our free couch with a bowl of home made fries and 3 kinds of BBQ sauce.
That's what dinner looks like at our house sometimes...

We happen to live in what I consider a really good location. We are right behind State Street, but still in a neighborhood which means we have at least 50 different places to eat with in walking distance as well as vintage shops, and at least 15 tattoo parlors. There is a place called The New Golden Dragon, about half a block away from us. I am pretty sure this place is our new favorite Chinese food restaurant. 
They give you SO much food for so little money, its in a big reception hall type room with lots of big beautiful chandeliers, high ceilings, and it's just about as good as Ying Yangs.  (Garrett promises that he was in fact happy on this date.)

Here are our most recent Sunday morning photos.
We live in an inner city ward. This means that we don't have a ton of members, 6 service missionaries, lots of non-traditional families, and people from all walks of life. 
When we moved in the Bishop, who is a cute little Hispanic man, said we were a God sent.
On Friday night we met with a member of the bishopric and got callings.
Garrett is the first councilor in the young men program and a ward missionary.
I am first councilor in the young women.  
It is going to be a really great calling but really hard. 
Most of the kids in the ward come from broken or mixed families and are looking for someone to look up to. And there is on average of 2 people that actually come in each the ym and yw... 
but we are so excited to be in a ward that needs us!

And how can I make a post and not talk about this fluffy guy!?
Sal is almost 6 months old and is getting so big and smart.
Lately hes favorite thing to do is crawl/slide under the bed on the hard wood floors and jump in the shower with us any chance he can get. That dog loves water.
He is such a cuddle bug, especially in the mornings and always wants to be part of the gang.

I sure love this little family and the new adventures we are having together.