remember when Garrett got a job?
well, he loves it. (phew.)
and they treat him really well.
most days garrett takes me to work at 7:45am on his way to work.
and then he picks me up on his way home from work at 4:00pm.
this system works out really well most of the time.
i do travel all over the valley for work, but most days we just carpool because duh,
wouldnt you rather have someone else drive you around and keep you company?
me too.

the other day i had to be in west jordan at 6:30am
so i took the car.
when i picked garrett up from work i got to see his office!
(which i hadnt seen before.)

look at him making business calls and "creating flexo excellence" 
(what ever that means.)
we are so blessed to have such good jobs, with great schedules!

want to know what the best decision we made this month was?
getting gym memberships.
we werent doing yoga as much as we wanted to because after work we had no motivation.
so now we go to the gym.
and we actually go.
its great.
the past few times we have gone weve spent an hour and half- two hours there at one time.
and it feels so good.
plus, (i know it supposed to be bad for you and cause cancer and stuff, but so do cell phones right...) we have unlimited tanning...
i like to call it motivation to work out.
knowing that as soon as im done doing that cardio, weights, and 12 minute abs that i get to go lay in the warm tanning bed for 8-10 minutes gets me through it.

they also have hydro massage beds and this cool red light therapy machine that is supposed to help with tight muscles, stress, bad acids, and a whole list of other things.
so thats pretty cool.
basically, gym memberships are really great.