i wish i could go to any place and instead of saying "no chicken please"
i could say "no gluten please."
that would be really nice.
someone invent that please.

my coworker who sees me snack on dried fruit, nuts, and rice chips all day was asking what we eat, you know, besides snacks?
well honestly, we mainly eat those kinds of snacks.
but when we do cook, we cook things like
Zucchini Fritters (with coconut flour)


Zucchini, Black Bean and Rice Skillet (with pink rice)

(obviously we had lots of zucchini from mamma hayes garden.)

we also just bought a tortilla press.
i see loooots of corn tortillas in my future.

we also have a cook book call Small Plates and Sweet Treat
a COMPLETELY gluten free cookbook with recipes that you would never guess were gluten free.

so really, we are eating pre-tay good.

AND get this.
with all the research ive been doing on gluten lately i learned a lot about the connection between autism and gluten.
and though there are no hard facts as to what/why taking gluten out of the diet of a child who has autism works, for some reason it just does.
i was working with a mother who has a child with autism and nothing seemed to be helping.
i suggested she do a little research about gluten, as well as gave her some of my findings.(along with consulting with her pediatrician of course)
I called her back this morning to see if things were getting any better..
(my job is really great in that we dont just connect families with resources and say "good luck" but we actually call them back and make sure they got what the needed and if not we make sure they do.)
boom baby. it is working.
thank you stupid celiac for making us go gluten free and helping others.